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"So, you have been chosen as the saviour of Zendikar. They want you to go out and defend your title as "The Chosen One" and come back with stories of your findings. So you gather some help from Kamigawa in your quest in acquiring some spells to use against your opponents to get the glory of being aggressive. Make sure you pick up some perfected trophies of your travels."

Tale #1

"You've crossed your first plane and got some glory kills and some great stories to share with your followers as they wait in anticipation. There has been a famous planeswalker who noticed you as an up and coming red mage during your travel through your first planeswalk. It must feel great to have such an awesome wizard like her notice you. The travel home is really easy because there is not much hassle with help and as your stories are told, you gain more followers and you grow into "The Perfect One" and be a perfectionist across Zendikar."

Tale #2

"After finding out that some of your spells were not as good as what they once were, you had to change your attitude, even if it meant rejecting the famous planeswalker who taught you a couple tricks. As you go into a new plane, some of your followers have followed you. Since you need a plane for your followers, you call the plane "The Perfect Plane" and tell your followers to bring more so that they may spread the word that glory will set them free. As you are leaving, you are seeing more followers coming and you now consider them your perfect subjects."

Tale #3

"Tale 3 Coming Soon"

Tale #4

"You travel back to your plane and see that your title of "The Perfect One" has been stripped by your subjects thanks to the same planeswalker whom thought you would be great. Thankfully, you saw what she had up her sleeve and twisted her into submission. Now your perfect title and plane are back in your control. Your subjects now have the utmost respect for you since you will always be "The Perfect One" whom saved them."

Tale #5

"Tale 5 Coming Soon"

Tale #6

"Arriving on a brand new plane, you witness another planeswalker who is named "The Glorious One" says that THEY were originally "The Chosen One" and were set out to be the best they could be. Seems like The Glorious Slim Line wants to face "The Perfect One" in a battle for the title of "The Chosen One" to reign supreme over both respective planes. You have trained all your live for this. You have given up so much to be here. All the sweat and tears you have shed leads to this one moment. Make sure that you are "The Glorious One" who comes out on top or else, everything you have lived for will just be a waste."

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I made this deck after procrastinating about making another deck but wanted something with more flare and board position. There should have been some white in it for Deflecting Palm but never got around to it but the Red vs Blue is always a great idea.


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