This week on Clever Combo S4E5 we review results from JJ’s first few attempts in Pioneer, as well as the first ever Pioneer Banned and Restricted Announcement (link below). Then we get into JJ’s deck, Sultai Summonings.

One of the most interesting build-arounds to come out of the Kaladesh block was definitely Metallurgic Summonings . While 5 mana is a lot to ask in anything but a slow format, the power it provides if you can stick it is undeniable

In order to maximize the card’s potential, we did two things. First, we looked for cards that work before and after a resolved Summonings. While removal is key to the function of the deck, we don’t want to get stuck with cards in hand and no targets for them. So one of the key cards types comes in the form of ramp.

Spring//Mind is an excellent example. Spring provides a 3-5 skip, while also loading up an expensive draw spell for the late game. We don’t mind how much Mind costs because if we cast it after a resolved Summonings, we get a 6/6. Growth Spiral is a helpful fixer, though it’s ramp aspect is slightly less consistent.

The deck plays mostly like a grindy control deck. We can’t let our opponent set up a board state while we durdle up to Summonings, and we also want as many Instant and Sorcery cards in the deck as possible. Pioneer has given us access to an incredible suite of powerful, flexible, efficient removal.

Fatal Push and Thoughtseize are two of the most efficient and powerful 1-mana spells in the format. Abrupt Decay deals perfectly with T3feri and Oko while also being highly efficient. Assassin's Trophy will clear up anything left over from those initial three options. Drown in the Loch works best in either Mill or hard control, so we slotted two of those in, as well. At the top end, we have a couple copies of Casualties of War , which can be an excellent way to level the playing field.

Lastly, we have a few haymakers. The two best spell types to pair with Summonings are either high CMC cards with cost reduction (or alternative payments like Delve) or cards with X in the cost.

For X cards we only have Villainous Wealth in this deck. It’s a singleton since there’s a chance that it will whiff on the opponent’s deck. However, when it lands it can be brutally powerful.

Our best bet for big CMCs with low actual costs is currently Dig Through Time . We chose this over Treasure Cruise because it has a higher selection. We’re less concerned with getting the addition card that Cruise provides than we are with seeing as many cards as possible so we can fill whatever gap we have in our defenses.

All in all, the deck plays mostly like either a long-game midrange Sultai list, or like a tapped-out control deck. Either way, resolving a Summonings and going off with a bunch of sweet spells is a terrific feeling that we recommend you try out.

Try it out and leave us a comment on how you like it

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