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So, Recruit, you think you have what it takes to be an Akroan Crusader ? Well grab your gear and find your designated Phalanx Leader. We Launch the Fleet tomorrow!

Do you know how Akroan Crusader s fight recruit? As a single cohesive unit. Every soldier defends the man to his right, while being shielded from the enemy by the man to his left. Akroans work together. Thats the goal of this deck, to utilize the synergies amongst the soldier subtypes available to and overwhelm your opponent with a surge of soldiers!
  • Phalanx Leader
  • will go over the dynamics of the army and your roll within it. He is here to inspire you and your fellow crusaders, bolstering you in the chaos of the battlefield. Whenever he is targeted with a friendly spell he will buff every other creature we own.
  • Akroan Crusader
  • is the bread and butter of the deck. His feats on the battlefield are so awe-inspiring more soldiers flock to fight alongside us whenever he is the target of a spell we control.
  • Vanguard of Brimaz
  • is equally as awe-inspiring. These boys will lead the charge and have enough stamina to push back any counter attack. It's easy to see why so many Cat Soldiers are drawn to these elite.
  • Favored Hoplite
  • Like you this eager Hoplite seeks to find himself an Akroan Crusader . Unlike you he has had years of success in the arena and uses his combat prowess to constantly improve himself to the crowd's favor (that's friendly spells recruit)
  • Metallic Mimic
  • finds a way to bolster our new recruits when they hit the field. I don't know if he gives them advice, better gear or what but it works!
  • Akroan Hoplite
  • is encouraged by those that fight beside him. The more of us around the more terrifying he becomes!
  • Hero of Bladehold
  • they don't call her the Hero of Bladehold for nothing. If our forces have been wiped out she can find a way to rally enough troops to push us through to victory!
  • Launch the Fleet
  • Let's start out by actually getting our fleet to the war zone. Using Launch the Fleet will bolster our army by targeting Akroan Crusader , Vanguard of Brimaz or Phalanx Leader we can increase the effectiveness and double our troops landing!
  • Warriors' Lesson
  • This lesson will serve you well. When your out in the wilderness and supplies are running low this lesson will help you scavenge for the resources you need to take the day.
  • Coordinated Assault
  • Basic Akroan manoeuvre. Coordinate with your allies to get a tactical advantage. Trade better and bolster your army with this.
  • Travel Preparations
  • Outcomes are always better when you've prepared for the journey. This will allow you to bolster your forces and when you run out of steam there is always someone who has a little extra tucked away ;)
  • Echoing Courage
  • Courage echoed by all. 1 of used on a token as a win con.
  • Prey's Vengeance
  • Recurring effect useful on heroic creatures.
  • Boros Charm
  • An amulet from Iroas, God of Victory himself. There's no better ritual before battle than to kiss this charm, it might even save you from the Anger of the Gods


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