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Altar of the Heartless Duskcrank

Modern* Competitive Infinite Combo Mill U/B (Dimir)



v 2.1
A 1v1 or multi-player, draw and tutor, Modern Competitive, dual infinite combo deck.
With a possible T3 win with one combo, and a chance of a T2 win with the other.

This deck is my baby. First constructed as Open Skull Lobotomy, featuring a once standard infinite-combo, and then it adopted the draw engine and second combo of the Modern deck, Heartless Summoning.

The deck is very consistent, and super hard to beat. Please, playtest and offer any insights and feedback.
The first combo is the easiest to get out as it only requires 2 cards:
Mindcrank: Lose life? Mill cards.
Duskmantle Guildmage's first activated ability: Card in GY? Lose Life.
Repeat until victorious.

The combo relies on having available. The rest is a waiting game, as this now prohibits your opponent from:
1. Casting any Instant or Sorcery spells
2. Discarding cards
3. Sacrificing any permanents
4. Paying any life or taking any damage. This includes but not limited to: Fetch-lands, Shock-lands, Pain-lands, Thoughtseize, etc.

The cards in this combo can be tutored several different ways. Both pieces can be Transmuted, to your hand via Muddle the Mixture.

Fabricate can retrieve Mindcrank should you need your Muddles for defensive casting. Aether Vial can allow you to cast Guildmage a turn early, to set up for a win with this combo as early as turn 3. Yep.. Turn 3.

Even if Mindcrank is destroyed, it can be returned to your hand via the death of a Myr Retriever.

Your opponent will more than likely have a harder time removing your Artifact than the Creature from the board. Thus, your 2/2 Guildmage will be the prime target for removal the instant it enters play. So, the Guildmage should be cast after Mindcrank, and only if you have the required mana to trigger the combo the same turn.

Here's why: Say you have Mindcrank already in play. You cast Guildmage, with the mana still available to activate his first ability. You opponent lets Guildmage resolve and ETB; but, decides to Fatal Push your Guildmage. In response, activate Guildmage's ability. His effects last the rest of the turn; the opponent's Push resolves (removing the Guildmage); Push goes into the graveyard, and begins the combo: lose a life, mill a card, lose a life, mill a card, lose a life, etc.

The second infinite combo requires 4 cards, is a bit tougher to get in-hand, but offers the possibility of winning as early as turn 2:
Altar of the Brood (T1)
Heartless Summoning (T2)
2x Myr Retriever (T2 after Summoning)

First get out either the Altar or Summoning. After both of these come out, Retriever #1 will ETB for free (due to Summoning's - creature cost ability; mill an opponent's top card; and then die because of Summoning's -1/-1 ability. Return any old artifact you choose (Mindcrank for example).Repeat with Retriever #2: ETB, mills, dies, and returns Retriever #1 to your hand. #1 ETB, mills, dies, and returns #2, repeat until victorious.
Since there is little in the way of defense, lifegain, or control, the deck depends on sheer speed and keen timing.

The remaining cards have been selected to draw, tutor or Scry to find the pieces desired, for the fastest victory possible. The efficiency of this dig mechanic is maximized by (but not reliant on) hearltess summnoning being on the battlefield to draw as fast and as cheaply as possible.

A spell-based draw and scry mechanic may appeal more to others, but the a creature based draw engine gives us the most incentive to play creatures with ETB effects; will mill through Altar of the Brood; block to buy time; and/or benefit when they die.

Augury Owl- ETB Scry 3. Works well as a play just before any draw spell. I usually use this for finding that last land, or the final piece to a combo.

Bonded Fetch- Haste allows you to draw, and discard any unwanted combo duplicates. This card has won me more than one game by topdecking the win.

Fabricate- To tutor any of the Artifact cards. Handy for finding the second Myr Retriever or Mindcrank.

Grim Haruspex- This 3/2 survives with Summoning on the field, and has proven invaluable for continued draw when creatures die through Summoning or chump blocking. Pairs well with Palace Familiar, Augury Owl, Mulldrifter, and Myr Retriever.

Muddle the Mixture- Tutors any 2-cost combo piece.

Mulldrifter- Rather expensive to cast regularly, the alternate Evoke cost of this creature is more valuable allowing you to draw 2 cards for when Summoning is in play. Otherwise, it simply acts as a Divination.

Palace Familiar- Flying chump blocker. Draws when it dies. Combos well with Summoing and Haruspex on the field.

Trinket Mage- One of the hard tutors. Get any of the 1-cost artifacts when this ETB.
-Aether Vial: Speed things up by casting a creature for free. This also comes in handy for placing blockers on the field to buy a turn, Scry, draw more cards, and conserve mana.
-Altar of the Brood: To mill whenever a permanent comes into play.
Under construction, but looking for suggestions!

Feedback encouraged!

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