Budget Tron! This deck uses cards like Ancient Stirrings and Sylvan Scrying to assemble Tron as early as turn 3 (it's also technically possible to have turn two Tron with Explore ). Then once you have the Urza lands in play, you take over the game with big chonkers like Myr Battlesphere , Steel Hellkite , and Ulamog's Crusher !

I added some more expensive payoffs to the maybeboard; you'll want to prioritize ones that cost 7 colorless/generic mana since they can be cast off of turn 3 Tron. The most important upgrade to make right away, though, is a set of Expedition Map to increase turn three Tron consistency. (Fortunately, it's just a few extra bucks!)

Upgrades: Expedition Map , Chromatic Sphere , Karn Liberated , Ugin, the Spirit Dragon , Wurmcoil Engine , Oblivion Stone , Jegantha, the Wellspring

This is part of a series of $15 Modern decks! Check out the rest of them at my profile: hungry000


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