MTG Combo: Aggravated Assault + Bear Umbra


BMHKain on

2 years ago

Hold it, I changed my mind about Karona, False God . I'll try & revise this Yidris CHAOS Deck the way I intended it to be. Rules?

  1. Keep the Land Base as it is.

  2. Keep the Talismans, Rings, & Crypt for decent measure. I'll let you decide the fate of the rest of the Rocks.

  3. Aggravated Assault + Bear Umbra are in as they not only allow extra Combat, but this Bear, unlike the entire Bear Creature Type, untaps all your lands for additional Cascades.

  4. Same for Erebos, God of the Dead ; Havoc Festival might be too risky; but I got to gain life too you know.

  5. Hmmm... It seems this deck has a potential Draw Engine. I benefit from opponents discarding while I Draw, hell, Waste Not is awesome here too; likewise for Bone Miser .

  6. Chance Encounter + Frenetic Efreet WILL be a Wincon here, though I'd like several others; including a combo that for CHAOS terms, It's kinda GG if in my favor, but can cost me SEVERELY; almost to the point of a Loss; A True Battle of CHAOTICA.

  7. What Other Coin Flip Effects and/or Random effects would you put in? What other misc. CHAOS Effects would be good also?

  8. On theme w/ Cascade, what cards in Yidris' Colors might be good here, & has Cascade? ( Throes of Chaos , Kathari Remnant , Bloodbraid Elf , Deny Reality , Etherium-Horn Sorcerer & Maelstrom Wanderer are prime, but I dunno about Demonic Dread , Violent Outburst , Shardless Agent , & Bituminous Blast ... your thoughts would be good though...)

I'm at 100. This means I'll have to replace ALOT of stuff. I hope you're ready. I'll put some stuff back in, but I might need some help yet again; at least for the Wincons I described them as such...

Thank you for helping me out. :)

origamiimaster on Rabid Urilnary Enfection wip

5 years ago

Wow. Just realized that combo with Aggravated Assault + Bear Umbra and a lot of lands.

With this many enchantments, Greater Auramancy comes to mind for shroud.

Big-Foot on WhyNotZoidberg - Scion

5 years ago

This looks a lot like the way I used to play this deck when I first built it. One thing that absolutely fucking wrecks is Xenagos, God of Revels. Iroas, God of Victory is also a great thing to have on your side. Things for multiple combat steps to win with commander damage are also great, Aggravated Assault + Bear Umbra infinite combo, Finest Hour, Rafiq of the Many, all great ways to vastly increase the amount of damage you're pushing through.

my deck

DeathChant17 on Contemplating a New Deck

5 years ago

Mostly cause you can go infinite combat phases with Aggravated Assault + Bear Umbra .