Well, Ello, Guvnah.

No really though, I'll do this in a more "Normal" way.

My name is BMH. If you remember that one game: L.S.D., My initials can be interpreted in whatever way you believe. How you'd interoperate these initials is up to your terms w/ me. For me, the Initials speak as if the name "Blue Moon Harbinger". The reason this fits mostly, is that as a part of society, more harm than good has always been happening no matter where, no matter the day, no matter anything. You may also refer to me as (My initials.), the Harbinger, or try & be original (Or Inappropriate.) as the Initials can permit.

While my decklists are relatively high in price, most of this time, it just part of the list I'm missing, so
the result is a full price shaved in monetary value.

Note: I have NO Playgroups anywhere; not because I'm hated or lack there of (Though this is a possibility.), it's just my local game shop no longer is, & finding such a place is purely impossible, thus finding even one Playgroup multiplies from the fact there is no game shop.

For interests of mine, I like Homebrew Fighting Games of my own interest (Skullgirls, Street Fighter IV (Onward), Post-MvC2, among other things are out.). Basically any game by Capcom, any FPS for poor control throughout the ENTIRE GENRE, & that is tipping the Iceberg for H8red Fiesta.), Even though I love PlayStation, I just wonder why they would censor anything "Derogatory" in JP, when they've no problem back in the PS3 era. Why Ps4/PSVita, I dunno...

Basically put, my tastes are extremely limited; & just one mention of anything that turns me off, no longer is view able to me. That said, I love MTG's Lore, I love making OC Planeswalkers, & I love a good deck nobody else would even dare touch in order to make.

Twitter: BMHLima (As I'm still adjusting a future name idea, you'll have to check this out for now.)

Steam: bmhkain

Twitch: BMHKain

MTG Arena: BMHKainZero

Discord: BMH

Primary/Secondary Youtube Account: VlxX2007/BMHKain (Just use my regular email for now.)

̶B̶M̶H̶'̶s̶ ̶P̶e̶r̶s̶o̶n̶a̶l̶ ̶S̶i̶g̶n̶a̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶S̶p̶e̶l̶l̶b̶o̶o̶k̶:̶

Sorry, I decided there is NO character in Canon MTG Lore w/ all of my primary traits even. That said, I'll still mention my Traits below if you still care.


You wish to know about me? Very Well. Here are my Personality Traits:







List of Decks that still need to be Up to Date (Almost done.):

UPDATE: If there's anything that can help, even if at all, I'll mention their name after these "3 Simple Rules"; or if you're a Post Christopher Eccleston-Era DOCTOR WHO fan like me: 3W. (sigh...) I don't mean "Don't cremate me!" being said three times in a row, I was referring to these guidelines I'm trying to follow:

1) Take your highest mana cost cards out, even if they are great cards. Top 8 in this case being Razaketh, the Foulblooded, Vilis, Broker of Blood, Archfiend of Spite, Sheoldred, Whispering One, K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth, and then the first 3 of your 6 drops you come across.

2)Individually for each card you took out say, "Do I value this card more than something else in the deck?" If so, replace it and place the card you took out into your pile of cards you have taken out. If not, remove it from consideration.

3) repeat step 2 until you have no cards that you are still considering.

(Basically, this states your usual Eldrazi are dead gone; & not even Conduit of Ruin can tutor one for you. As of the 6 Drops or lower, Decisions are harder than ever. What CMC 6 cards do you wish to keep? What to do if your 6-Drops are lower than the number of cards needed to chop still? & what happens when a choice of 2 or more of these low costs is more worth the cause? Since Step 2 repeats itself until the right decklist of your choosing; depending of Game Format. The huge question literally applies to CMC1 to 3; So much stuff cut, but not yet to the target Card amount of your choosing. IMO; the hardest question to resolve for deck building. That said...

...You driven for blood?)


More to come!


More information will come in due time; for now...

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@king-saproling: (I apologize for mentioning you again; you okay there?)

OK. The Amount in question to cut has increased to 12 -> 15. But the stakes for cutting that much to 99 + 1 has never been more complicated. There are also some Key pieces I DON'T wish to call them quits for surprisingly decent Reasons. Here they are w/ Explanation & the like:

Meekstone: Uh, Oko, Thief of Crowns? YA RLY. Oko isn't just a Great Cook, he can turn an opponent's Creatures & Artifice to 3/3 Ability-less Elks. Tap them all, & your opponent's better have an option ready. But if you say Humility needs to be cut, do you think this combo can make for a better alt?

Teferi, Time Raveler: Uh, why? This card has High Synergy Value not just from Bouncing Stuff, but in particular: Wishclaw Talisman. These two are one of the best Combos for Superfriends. Just Tutor with the Claws...

Master Tang: THEY HURT LIKE CRAP, MAN! (No joke; he literally said that.)

...Bounce it before ANY opponent can nab it from you, & you got Synergetic Tutoring. The scariest part is that this Combo was very powerful while Teferi was around in Standard. YES. This was a legitimate Combo in Standard. Which also meant ARENA players had to deal with this Hell Clock. Ol' Master Tang himself wasn't kidding about his comment on Iron Claws.

(Reference of Note: Master Tang from Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist)

Ral Zarek: ... Err... Why no to him? He's got ALOT going here. He can Tap an Opponents Perms or Untap them, & yours too if you choose & Weiß Versa (There's a Bad Pun there). This can be set to Tap Artifacts & Creatures for stuff like Nahiri, the Harbinger to EXILE. These Perms don't even include the "Nonland" Restriction, so if an opponent has a response, you can Tap that land to restrict Mana Pool Levels. This also goes for their Rocks/Boulders to restrict their mana further. But in any way possible, as long as it is Not an Instant or Sorcery, IT'S A TARGET BEGGING TO BE WASTED OR EVEN REUSED. So much versatility, & the Scariest part? This ability increase Ral's Loyalty by +1. Not even 0 or even -1; this Loyalty Ability is not only potent, but it increases Loyalty. Though I will agree that -2 is lackluster in practice, though God help us all if Ral's -7 is altered in a way that the Amount of Heads in such a Game of Chance is blown to more than 5 shots for an Extra Turn each... XP Trust me, he's amazing.

I'd love to mention more, but these are my top contenders for what should stay (Unless Lethal Vapors can be used w/o something like Pithing Needle or even A creature like this...)

That said, What would your Final 15 cuts be in your case? I'd keep what I said (& Lethal Vapors if I had a noncreature Perm that is a Multi-Targeting Pithing Needle) for the reasons just said, & they sound like fine points to me. I'll try all I can otherwise, but for now, What would be your 15 cards to cut here?

(Can't believe I cut Tezzeret, Artifice Master; maybe something can be cut for him back in... Still owe you big time.)

March 15, 2020 10:49 a.m.

@king-saproling: Okay. Here's the situation thus far. I only need 7 Cards to be cut for the Magic Numeric that is 99 + 1. However, the Cards Below are some important pieces that can do a lot more than you think:

Fellwar Stone

Grafdigger's Cage


Karmic Justice

Lethal Vapors


Privileged Position

Sorin Markov

Tainted AEther

Teferi, Time Raveler

Thran Temporal Gateway

Wishclaw Talisman

Ral Zarek

Before going over the list of Insane Mentality, I've some Questions needing Answers:

  1. While it goes w/o Question that Oko, Thief of Crowns is busted as hell, does his being in this deck really make Humility obsolete? If not, why cut the latter?

  2. After some thought, I wanted to put back in the Stax/Pillowfort cards in question. Which ones?

  3. Here are some Combos that might question several Status Quos, but are awesome IMO:

Teferi, Time Raveler + Wishclaw Talisman : Infinite Tutors w/o ever giving your opponent the Claws is very good in the Synergy Field.

Lethal Vapors + Tainted AEther : Instant Lock; but I ponder about if it is worth putting in; looks epic though...

Aminatou, the Fateshifter + Doubling Season + Ral Zarek (& other Ral Zarek Combos.): There is a good reason ol' Ral is a key player here; he can Tap, & Untap any Permanent in the same Loyalty Ability; which really helps Nahiri, the Harbinger when needing to Exile whatever in a pinch. Also, His Ultimate will not only Flip for some Heads, but also increase Aminatou's -1 Stock in some way or another. Even w/o Cloudstone Curio to bounce either Walker, you might have a good chance of winning w/o Expropriate level Game Enders.

Any of them good? There are others, but I just wanted some thought from you. Would you want to put any of this back in? I understand some are either Meh, Mana Cost Hungry, or just too expensive to cast, but w/ 7 cards left to chop, & the above including some great ideas to add upon:

Fellwar Stone

Grafdigger's Cage


Karmic Justice

Lethal Vapors


Privileged Position (?)

Sorin Markov (?)

Tainted AEther

Teferi, Time Raveler

Thran Temporal Gateway

Wishclaw Talisman

Ral Zarek

I'm fully aware you gave these cards the "VETO", but even here, I believe they have a good place in this deck. I think I already said enough. That said, if you want all of them in; that's a 13 card cut in some way; 12 as ol Ral #1 will be in anyway for high versatility.

So, 12 Max to cut, but 8 at least reaches 99 + 1. I'll try & find a deck of yours I could help with a Suggestion or 2, but I'd rather wait until IKORIA Spoilers Shape Up.

...i seriously owe you at least that...


March 14, 2020 11:51 a.m.

@king-saproling: OK. Here's the situation. Based on The Walkers alone, they seem to fall under (At least) 1-2 of 3 things I have decided upon:

  1. Token Generation. Obviously can make durdles that either can A: Chump Block, B: have an ability that could be of some use, or C: Use as Bantha Fodder for Abilities

  2. Spot Removal. It's just like you said, maybe nonperm Spot Removal isn't so necessary after all. Some can Bounce, Kill or even Exile. Some even require a minor restriction, so I included support for those also.

  3. Misc. There is just too many that have use outside the former 2; Card Draw, Mana Ramp, Creature Buff, etc. & that's just scratching the surface.

okay. Now that I finally decided upon how I'll use these walkers, The question now is: How to cut them down to size while making the roster consistent? 33 would be a good MAX Walker Amount, but for what?

Now I might want a hand...

March 13, 2020 11:57 a.m.

@king-saproling: Well, here's my progress so far...

  1. I have 32 cards to cut (Obviously.).

  2. Landbase should be fine; in addition to the Crucible of Worlds + Dack Fayden + Wrenn and Six combo complementing it.

  3. Yeah... You might be right about the Artifact Engine; there's not enough targets as of late, & While Rowan Kenrith may be the last line of defense here...

  4. I'd rather cut my $T4KS/Pillow Fort Package short; I think I may have too much. That said, if Sub-Strategies won't help here (2 already Explained One.), but what other things to cut about Spot removal, Rocks, etc.?

  5. I'll cut the Walkers myself if need be. Though a couple suggestions for what to cut might not hurt, I suppose?

I'll have to focus on Suggestion 2 of yours as 1 & 3 are probably fulfilled.

March 11, 2020 11:55 a.m.


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