I made this deck as part of a challenge I gave myself; to brew 5 unique/strong mono-colored decks. Mono-White is often harped on as the weakest of the colors with many people playing it closer to mono-brown than mono-white. I wanted to challenge some of the preconceived notions of EDH. First, that mono-white is unreliable and weak. Second, that Voltron is an unreliable win condition. Third, that equipment is stronger than Auras(this one being my personal favorite challenge to take on).

This deck seeks to utilize Sram’s card drawing ability to acquire key game ending pieces while keeping up with land drops, ramp, and disruption.

These are the cards that support Sram in keeping the card draw engine running:

  • Alhammarret's Archive

  • Kor Spiritdancer

  • Mesa Enchantress

  • Flickering Ward and Conviction: these cards create repeatable card draw with Sram on the board. Sending them back to hand and recasting them will trigger Sram and any of the following card draw engines on this list.

  • Saga’s Reverie: The more Aura’s, the more cards!

  • Pursuit of Knowledge: Drawing three cards in a turn is no problem for this deck. Turning that into 7 before the table has a turn cycle to respond to it is very strong in mono-white.

  • Crystal Chimes: Quite simple, it puts all of the aura/enchantment cards that have been removed from your board back into your hand.

This deck's main objective is to resolve game ending pieces, usually Voltron creatures. Notably Evra, Halcyon Witness, Heavenly Blademaster, and Serra Avatar. However, almost any creature in this deck can turn into a monster with a stack of Auras on them. Cards like Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist, Kitsune Mystic  , Nomad Mythmaker, and Retether make this even easier to attain. Other win conditions include Axis of Mortality, Felidar Sovereign, Grafted Exoskeleton, Approach of the Second Sun, and Sigil of the Empty Throne.
This deck’s secondary objective is to hold out for the win conditions. Token creators such as Anjani’s Chosen, Archon of Sun's Grace, and Sigil of the Empty Throne are perfect for this, creating a veritable army of tokens that can even lead to a victory on their own. Auras such as Darksteel Mutation, Stasis Cocoon and On Thin Ice keep other player’s troublesome cards locked down while Auras such as Gift of Immortality, Indestructibility, and Hyena Umbra keep your powerful cards on board.

This deck’s third objective is the surprise! Many of whites win conditions need to stay on the board for a whole turn cycle which is a huge weakness. However, flash enablers such as Sigarda's Aid, Emergence Zone, and Scout's Warning can help you resolve cards like Felidar Sovereign, Celestial Mantle, or Serra Avatar completely out of the blue.

-This deck may honestly be my favorite deck I have had the chance to brew. Although I am sure there will be many changes as I test it and get a feel for it, I am proud of its creativity and its ability to challenge preconceived notions about EDH.

-This deck started as a Evra, Halcyon Witness deck, but finished with Sram at the head. I was pouring over my Evra deck list and could not create a reliable mono-white card draw system without resorting to a LOT of brown card draw. I found by giving Sram the lead I could support Evra from the 99 better.

-This deck was a little more challenging to brew since most of EDHrec and TappedOut Sram decks are equipment decks. I had to truly dig to find some of the stand out cards in this deck. A card like Pursuit of Knowledge which seems like an auto include in this deck doesn’t even show up on EDHrec under Sram. However, if anyone hasn’t had the chance to look through the long list of white auras and enchantments you may very well find some powerful, slept-on cards!

-I am excited to see where this deck takes me and how well it performs. But before then, please let me know any thoughts or recommendations you may have, I am all ears!

Feel free to check out my other decks in the mono-colored deck series I am brewing.

The final deck, a Sakashima the Impostor mimic/theft deck is in the works.


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