Godhead of Awe

Godhead of Awe

Creature — Spirit Avatar


Other creatures are 1/1.

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Godhead of Awe Discussion

chrisiver on V.2 You're fuckin with my (God)head!

2 months ago

Godhead of Awe is awesome but I'm confused why you have a bunch of zero mana creatures that become 1/1s? What if you just make a U/W control deck with Godhead of Awe as the finisher?

carpecanum on Skittering Swarm of Spawns and Scions

1 year ago

A fun card would be Godhead of Awe. Your tokens get stronger and everything else gets weaker. I had a lot of fun doing that with goats a long time ago.

TheVectornaut on Unblock-able

1 year ago

With the addition of Intangible Virtue, your nontoken creatures lose a lot of value. For one, they don't benefit from the buff. Second, Aven Wind Guide becomes completely redundant with everything already having vigilance and everything but Raise the Alarm already having flying. Third, Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive can't benefit creatures being buffed by the Virtue. I don't think this is a bad thing though since Virtue is probably better than the aforementioned creatures. That said, I think replacing them to focus on more anthem effects that can take advantage of the natural evasion granted by flying could be beneficial. The first card that comes to mind is Crusade, but it was among the cards banned by wizards for cultural insensitivity so run it in casual at your own peril. Glorious Anthem is a fair bit worse. Also, if you want to focus entirely on flyers, Empyrean Eagle, Favorable Winds, and Rally of Wings are options. My final suggestion, if you're feeling spicy, would be to run something like Godhead of Awe or the cheaper but flying-removing Humility to level the playing field and make Protection of the Hekma more viable.

wereox on Control

1 year ago

I'm digging it, especially the Godhead of Awe and Make Obsolete or Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite combo. Thats sweet! I might steal that and make a deck just for that kind of combo.

Raging_Squiggle on First Saga counter before SBAs?

1 year ago

Rhadamanthus, everything you said was correct, however on the part that it dies depends on timestamps, since both Opalescence and Godhead of Awe set P/T in layer 7b.

If Godhead entered most recently, then yes the saga would die, however if Opalescence entered most recently, it would have p/t equal to whatever its cmc is.

Because Opalescence applies it’s type changing effect in layer 4, the enchantments it makes into creatures are susceptible to the P/T setting effects in 7b.

Just my two cents!

KablamoBoom on First Saga counter before SBAs?

1 year ago

Will Sagas get their first Lore counter with, say, Opalescence, Godhead of Awe, and Night of Souls' Betrayal in play? "As a saga enters, 'Special Action' occurs" seems a bit ambiguous compared to state-based actions. I lean towards yes, because 714.3a states "as it enters". But could someone wiser clarify?

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