Just made this deck. Hoping its going to be competitive enough for tournaments and such.


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FNM report. Okay so yeah.

Round 1: U/W Artificer?

Something similar to this.

Game one went something like me Strangleroot gesiting his face in with Rancors and fun goodies. Game two, I was ahead until he started trading post for life, and then mimic vatted a wurmcoil engine, ontop of phryexian metamorphing my two wolfir silverhearts and bonding them with Consecrated Sphinxes. I scooped. Game three. So I needed to win this, and this person is also notorious for slow playing. I had 2 strangle root geists, a wolfir avenger, and kessig wolfrun for 3 on the field. He held off, and then I won on the fifth turn(Which is the last after times up in the round)

Round 2: B/R tribal vamps.

First off let me say this person didn’t have any Vampire Nighthawks.

Game one, he got an early stromkirk noble and i didn’t have an answer until turn 3 strangleroot geist. He then got Olivia out and killed me with blood artist. Game two. Turn 2 sword of war and peace, turn three eleven damage with birds. I rest my case there. Game three. I had a bird with war and peace and feast and famine on it, enough mana to move it from his blockers and win.

Round 3: Red Deck wins(With huntmaster)

Game one: He made a mistake and grim lavamancered my llanowar elf so i played damage creatres(huntmaster/avenger) won easily. Game two: This was just a beat fest. Swords. Rancors. Fun.

Round 4: White weenie.

I’m not even going to describe this. Porcelain legionaire, honor of the pure, and thalia destroy r/g aggro when i can’t miracle a bonfire.


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