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Red Deck Wins: 4-1/Second Place at FNM!



Score: Unrated



4 of Rakdos Cackler

This card is just sweet. A 2/2 for 1 CMC with a "drawback". The reason I didn't go for Stromkirk Noble is because at 1 CMC, it just isn't quite doing what we want it to be. For me, he's just always under performed.

4 of Ash Zealot

A bear that has haste, first strike, and a relevant graveyard hate ability is always going to be great. Snapcaster Mage that Dissipate ? Lightning Bolt to the face! End of turn Think Twice ? Lightning Bolt to the face! Flashback Lingering Souls ? Lightning Bolt to the face!

4 of Young Pyromancer

A reasonable body at 2 CMC with a powerful token ability. With 16 instants and sorceries in the mainboard and 7 more in the side, activating him isn't going to be too difficult.

4 of Chandra's Phoenix

All this is is a 3 CMC Ash Zealot with evasion. The ability is sometimes relevant, but that's not why we're playing it.

4 of Hellrider

A magnificent finisher. If we're on curve and go turn 1 Rakdos Cackler , turn 2 Ash Zealot swing for 4, turn 3 Chandra's Phoenix swing for 6, turn 4 Hellrider swing for 12, as well as the game.

4 of Madcap Skills

I want to know what R&D was thinking when they let this through. 2 CMC for 3 repeatable damage and evasion. If we play this on our Rakdos Cackler , we've just put our opponent on a 4 turn clock!

4 of Searing Spear

Unbiased removal that hits into most of the current standard meta that can also close out the game.

3 of Shock

Filler burn spell for when Searing Spear or Flames of the Firebrand just won't cut it.

1 of Lava Axe

A finisher for if the board has stabilized and we've gone into topdeck mode.

4 of Pillar of Flame

Great for removing blockers, and dealing with that pesky Voice of Resurgence .

4 of Flames of the Firebrand

I am just in love with this card. This consitently 2 for-one's against Lingering Souls , Arbor Elf , Elvish Mystic , Avacyn's Pilgrim , and things of that nature.

2 of Ghost Quarter

Deals with problem lands like Kessig Wolf Run , Nephalia Drownyard , and, if need be, we can use it on our own land to thin out our deck.

18 of Mountain

Red deck. Needs red sources. Pretty self explanatory.


2 of Burning Earth

Punishes the greedy mana bases of Jund, UWR, anything that runs three or more colours.

2 of Possibility Storm

Good against control and Jund. I'm serious. It hurts counterspells and kill spells.

3 of Volcanic Strength

For the aggro mirror matches.

4 of Skullcrack

Stops the ever common Thragtusk s and Sphinx's Revelation from blowing us out.

4 of Traitorous Blood

Steals said Thragtusk , among other things.

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Legal formats Extended, Legacy, Modern, Standard
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