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Naya Aggro (Gatecrash)

Modern* Aggro Humans RGW (Naya)


I've been wanting to go Boros for a long time and the new Battalion mechanic made up my mind for after gatecrash come out to go boros with a splash of green. I will hopefully be changing this deck as new cards are spoiled. Please feel free to comment, I am trying to get this deck to be as fast as possible, but still be consistent.

My dream game would be;

Turn 1 -Sacred Foundry, Champion of the Parish.

Turn 2 -Sacred Foundry, Burning-Tree Emissary , and Burning-Tree Emissary , and Mayor of Avabruck   . then swing for 5 with champion

Turn 3 - Sunpetal Grove, Silverblade Paladin paired with champion, then proceed to swing for 22 for the win


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