Very down and dirty version of an RB control list that I'm going to work on. This is just my first run of getting 75 cards together and seeing what this type of deck needs. It probably blows right now.

I would like to run more copies of Thoughtseize, but I don't have them yet and I'm not sure how much life loss I can realistically deal with before I get to do some live testing with this deck.

One of the biggest issues I've seen in the fishbowl is dead draws. Would Looting be worthwhile to get some card filtering? If so, do you think some quantity of Raven's Crime might be good so that I can recur my graveyard stuff? Is there a retrace/flashback spell that destroys land?

I really like the Demigod of Revenge in here as my finisher. If they counter it and don't announce that the counter is going on the stack AFTER its cast trigger resolves, I get it on the field from the 'yard. If they counter it successfully, the second one will bring it into play anyways. I included Grave Titan as the 4th finisher until I get a 4th Demigod. I figured he was a viable substitute anyway because he's a 2 turn clock by himself.

Are my card choices good here? What factors do I need to take into account when running what's essentially MBC with land denial?

As you can see, money isn't a huge issue with this deck. I can get ahold of what I need either through borrowing or buying piecemeal over time, within reason. I would prefer not to use Dark Confidant, partially because of the 75 dollar tag, but also because I have 5 and 6 drops in here. I think he'd kill me. What about Blood Scrivener though? I go hellbent a lot.

Single Stomping Ground so that I can activate Deathrite Shaman's green ability against decks like Martyr or Pod that use graveyard-recurring creatures. It has to be a Stomping Ground because it's the only shock that I can hit with both verdant catacomb and Scalding Tarn. I feel that the tiny bit of life gain could be incrementally good against such decks as well.


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