Zombie pauper deck full of different mechanics and ways of playing. If you always secretly wished for a good old army of undead minions, well, fellow necromancer, this deck is made exactly for you!

Carrion Feeder + Shambling Goblin / Festering Mummy : not the best combo ever, but it is a good interaction that helps keeping aggros (such as the common Elf deck) at bay

Gempalm Polluter + Tortured Existence : you cycle the gempalm, continously damaging your opponent and drawing, bringing him back from death using Tortured. It's better to discard Viscera Dragger this way, because you can resurrect him later!

Carrion Feeder + Gray Merchant of Asphodel + Tortured Existence : (only in the late-game)) simply play the Merchant and sac him with the Feeder: you can take him back with Tortured each turn creating a bigger Feeder and dealing at least 4 damage to your opponent, while gaining Life. I think it's better than a Corrupt !

Ghoulcaller's Chant + Nameless Inversion : it's a rare combo to find, but enables you to use the Inversion multiple times, because the Chant can target two zombie cards, and the inversion, having Changeling, is also a zombie card

There is a lot of Control in this deck: more or less 18 cards of the board can be considered this way.
  1. Defile is a very simple but dreadful spell: very useful in the first turns, it can also be cast added to dying Goblins and Mummies to empower their effect. I don't play that many swamps in the Deck, but it can easily overpower a Disfigure so it's OK anyway.

  2. Tragic Slip can be considered as a 2.0 Defile, use Carrion Feeder to enable Morbid. It's satisfying casting it vs Ulamog's Crusher or Gurmag Angler

  3. Victim of Night doesn't need to be explained, i see it as a better Doom Blade

  4. Nameless Inversion can be used as a removal or as a buff for a 4/4 Carrion Feeder . The fun part is the fact that it can be also taken back from the graveyard with the Chant , being it a zombie card

  5. Quicksand is a creature-killing land. What's better than this?

  6. Goblins and Mummies . I also consider them as a control. They are my heroes, the most hated cards of the deck, actually!

Also. having this much removal in the deck makes it perfect for Wight of Precinct Six , which will become a bigger and bigger threat while the game goes on

As each zombie who deserves some respect, these creatures can come back from your graveyard when needed. This is how they do it:

1. Ghoulcaller's Chant : better on Gempalm Polluter , Gray Merchant of Asphodel , Goblins and Mummies . Can also be cast on Nameless Inversion

2. Tortured Existence : enables some combos and can help in resurrecting your creatures

3. Viscera Dragger : very useful but underrated zombie, makes you draw a card and it's perfect to regain your Gempalm Polluter , you can also make a surprise attack with them, because opponents tend to forget which cards are in your graveyard.

Shrivel is the Elf deck's bane: very effective against aggro decks or token decks. You can switch it with Victim of Night . you can also use Echoing Decay instead

Diabolic Edict is to be used vs werewolfs, zombies or vampires (where Victim of Night doesn't work) or against creatures with Hexproof.

Evil Presence can protect you from Tron decks. Is to be put in place of Defile (Mostly useless vs tron) and Vile Rebirth

Bojuka Bog is great against graveyard-based decks, such as Loam decks. You cam switch it with Barren Moor . If you don't like it you can use Nihil Spellbomb or maybe Crypt Incursion instead

I've also added a lot of cycling to this deck to make it faster to use, such as Barren Moor , Viscera Dragger and Gempalm Polluter . Also remember that these zombies don't like to stay in the graveyard for long!

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