Flicker makes a comeback with some of the new printings in Modern Horizons. Is it good enough to be competitive? With your help it just may be possible.

With the printing of Soulherder and Watcher for Tomorrow , I just had to give this deck a shot to see if this could hang with the best of them. They greatly improve the functionality of the flicker deck archetype.

I'm not traditionally a competitive player, but I've been starting to get into more competitive play recently and I wanted to have a modern deck that I could take to a tournament and feel like I won't get wiped out in the first round. I don't usually play the control variant either, as I typically like my aggro decks. So I assume there is some work to be had to improve this decks ability to control the board. I didn't want to just copy some of the decks out there, so hopefully this one can stand up to the competition.

I would like some advice on how to make this deck more competitive. I've got several things in my Maybe Board that fit into the deck, but not sure if they would be any more competitive than what I've got already. I could also use some help with the sideboard as well.

I appreciate any advice people have as I try to fine tune this deck.


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