Dizzy Spell might be the most forgotten Magic: the Gathering card from the modern era. It is a one mana transmute card, and with the release of Modern Horizons, and, therefore, Stream of Thought, we can finally make a Mystical Teachings style deck with a bunch of cards having a converted mana cost of exactly 1. In this deck, Dizzy Spell is an uncounterable tutor for literally anything in our deck. For creatures, you got , Skred, Electrickery and, for hexproof creatures and Guardian of the Guildpact, Innocent Blood. For card draw, there's Ponder, and if your opponent doesn't cast any spells on their turn, there is also Whispers of the Muse with buyback for repeated value. Finally, our win condition, Stream of Thought can also be tutored up if we want to get some removal spells and Dizzy Spells back in the deck so we don't mill out, while also hastening the rate at which our opponent mills out. Some of you might think that this win condition is too slow, but that's how inevitability works.
Ranking cards to shuffle in with Stream of Thought:
1) Stream of Thought, Whispers of the Muse, Reclaim, and Dizzy Spell
2) Skred, Condescend, Electrickery, Lightning Bolt, Syncopate, and Innocent Blood
3) Ponder, Nihil Spellbomb, and Nature's Claim
4) Evolving Wilds, Ash Barrens, and Counterspell
Notes about these cards:
Evolving Wilds: Gets better if you control fewer than 6 basic lands
Dizzy Spell: Gets better post board
Nihil Spellbomb: Gets better against decks that abuse their graveyard, e.g Tortured Existence.
Nature's Claim: Gets better against decks that use artifacts or enchantments, e.g Affinity or Bogles.
Sideboard cards ranked:
1) Mystic Remora, Serene Heart, and Thorn of the Black Rose
2) Hydroblast, and Pyroblast/Red Elemental Blast
Never shuffle in Shenanigans with Stream of Thought
Cards in both the sideboard and main deck retain their rankings from earlier
Wish me luck at the Pauper Championships on sunday!


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