WARNING !!This is not your average sliver list!!

slivers are normally looked down upon in competitive modern events, i'm looking to change that. most people say that slivers cannot be competitive in modern because there is only two lords we can play (Predatory Sliver and Sinew Sliver).. Well my answer is that Mirror Entity Adaptive Automaton and Phantasmal Image can serve as lords as well. now we have 5 types of slivers to pump our board...

this is a basic sliver overrun using Aether Vial and Collected Company to build an overwhelming board presence, use our sliver lords to pump the field, and turn em sideways

I'd like some feedback of what you think of this idea. My goal is to build a unique modern list that can still be competitive.

also i'd like some suggestions for the side, i'm new to modern, and unfamiliar with the best choices



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I'll be seeing allot of tron, bloom, twin and afinity in my meta. any thoughts about what i should side in?

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