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Bleeding Zombies!

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I have been playing this deck at my LGS and been having some success! I wanted to share my deck here.

Cutthroat Zombies is a cannibalistic aggro deck with tricks up its sleeves. The deck is fun and fairly simple to play and can compete with some of the top decks out there!

The Engine

Carrion Feeder + Gravecrawler . This fun combo is obvious at first glance... you eat the Crawler, you get it back, you eat it again, you get it back until you have no mana. Not only does your Feeder get bigger, but you can also trigger several other effects...

Trigger cards

1. Diregraf Colossus - Each time the engine ticks... create a zombie token! (as the card is cast from the graveyard)

2. Plague Belcher - Each time the engine ticks... deal damage! - remember to target your Crawler with the -counters and sacrifice it in response to the targeting.

3. Blood Artist - Each time the engine ticks...deal damage and heal! This card a lot of people have told me "its not a zombie" and I get that... but it works in this deck. Plus it won't be affected by a Plague Engineer if it targets the Zombies. This card also helps to get around Ensnaring Bridge .

Card Draw

1. Undead Augur - this card is excellent, each time the engine ticks... draw a card.

2. Relentless Dead - Not exactly card draw, but you can pull back cards from the Graveyard if needed

3. Nurturing Peatland - testing this currently, but it has been useful from time to time.


Death Baron is the best lord, it makes your deck very scary for matchups like Humans (if you can keep it on the board). No one wants to swing in against Death touching recurrsive creatures! Lord of the Accursed could be replaced by any other lord, I like this for when we go wide with tokens that they can gain Menace.

Other Key Cards

1. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet - Not a Zombie but as good as! This card wrecks dredge too!

2. Yawgmoth, Thran Physician - Sideboard card for Humans matchups... works with a Geralf's messenger but I feel that is more of a combo deck and not what I am aiming for, so this sits in my sideboard for now.

3. Aethersphere Harvester - People laugh when I play this, but I have used it to beat Burn decks, block and heal from a Phoenix swing (crew with a Mutavault!), block Mantis Riders etc. I love this card, but it will probably have to come out at some point, was originally a 2 of too.

4. Ratchet Bomb - Great sweeper for a mono colored deck! Can hit annoying enchantments which black struggles with

WIP - More work to be done on my description
PS. Sideboard is currently built to fit my LGS meta.


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