This is my take on the classic burn. It's much more midrange, and in my opinion more fun to play because it gives your opponent time to actually play before you shut them down. Hidden Strings + Sprite Dragon is one of my favourite combos in any deck, and it pairs so well with Thermo-Alchemist and Aria of Flame. Cast Hidden Strings while Sprite Dragon is on the field and then use the Cipher keyword to encode it on Sprite Dragon, so you get a free cast every time it deals combat damage to a player. It'll trigger Sprite Dragon's ability, Thermo-Alchemist's ability, and Aria of Flame's effect. Put down a copy of Aria of Flame and your opponents might laugh at you for giving them life, but it's one of my favourite Trojan horses. 10 life is really just to let that engine warm up with little pings, then devour their actual life total.

Since Thermo-Alchemist doesn't have haste and I can't use his ability the same turn he comes out, I'm thinking of swapping him out for Electrostatic Field, which costs the same but has 4 toughness instead of 3 and doesn't need to tap to deal damage, so it seems like just a better card. I've also been playing around with Electrostatic Infantry, and I really like the pressure it puts on opponents, especially when paired with something like Infuriate. I've also gotten some fantastic results from Toralf's Disciple, since she'll have to be taken out before combat to prevent her ability from going off.


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