I have been handed the chance to build a new, improved Hardened Scales deck, and I will do so with gusto!

I am aware that this initial build is lacking in removal for two reasons:

1.) I'm currently testing to see which creatures I want to cut to make room.

2.) Walking Ballista MIGHT just be good enough to keep me covered.

Why, of all cards, have I decided to run Evolutionary Leap? Am I just a sucker for a janky card?

Well...Yes. BUT, there are many strategies which Leap enables this deck to contend with. Here's how it works:

Card Advantage: When one has Evolutionary Leap on the board, fear from most removal is eradicated. When your creature is hit with a Fatal Push, you sacrifice it and go find another one. While this IS still a tempo hit to your game, I have played games where my opponent can't help but repeatedly answer the immediate, large threats, whilst depleting their hand and keeping mine well-stocked.

Strategic Sacrifice: It's nothing new to Magic - sometimes you just need your creature dead. Have a Hangarback Walker with 6 counters which your opponent refuses to kill for you? No problem, just sacrifice it on their end step, pump the thopters with Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, and swing for the fences. Additionally, I have killed numerous opponents by sacrificing a Servant of the Scale to bulk up an unblocked creature.

Useless Creatures Turn 9 in a grindy matchup. You REALLY need to draw another threat. You draw...Birds of Paradise. Never fear, just pay a couple green mana and chuck that bird for something better! I've also had instances where I need my Managorger Hydra to grow just a little larger, so I sacrifice other creatures in order to find new spells to cast.

Nothing else to say on this topic. I can guarantee that you will find an opponent who forgets this important fact. Be sure you educate them very thoroughly as you eat their attacking creature!


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Today was a learning experience about the format.

My deck went 3-0 (despite substituting Walking Ballistas with Scrounging Bandars and Managorger Hydras

My victories were likely based on good draws and unprepared opponents, but I do have hope for the future of this deck!

Round 1: 2-0 vs. B/G Eldrazi Cryptolith Rites.

Round 2: 2-1 vs. Red Burn

Round 3: 2-1 vs. Abzan midrange


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