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Continuing my love-hate relationship with islands, I thought I'd play around with Quicksilver Fountain after seeing Magic_Aids's deck tech on the scarab god land lock. Quicksilver Fountain and Oboro, Palace in the Clouds is an absurd and delightful lock - particularly when combined with Choke and Root Maze for rage quits while you chuckle behind your mana dorks.

Let's make it crueller.

Power Conduit acts as an alternative method to manage Quicksilver Fountain , and since we're including it, may as well use other things to abuse Power Conduit cos it's so cool! So, Walking Ballista is a must have to take those quicksilver counters and turn them into pings. And Kitchen Finks is really, really annoying when his persist counter keeps getting removed leaving him fresh again. Devoted Druid has his minus counters converted to +1 which means he can produce quite a significant amount of mana with a few Power Conduit s out.

And speaking of persist, Glen Elendra Archmage has a fine time countering everything that isn't a creature, and coming back for more! The more Power Conduit and Kiora's Follower you have out, the more things she counters!

Win with pings from Walking Ballista or just start throwing +1 on a bird of paradise and have it swoop down over their flooded land to peck them to death for lols.

Common play:

Turn 1: forest / Llanowar Elves (budget) / Noble Hierarch / Birds of Paradise

Turn 2: Oboro, Palace in the Clouds / Quicksilver Fountain

Turn 3: Untap Oboro, Palace in the Clouds , target it with Quicksilver Fountain , play it again. Play a Choke .

It's hard to come back from this.

Suggestions and sideboard options always appreciated.


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