This deck is centred around the combo of Auratog + Ordeal of Nylea and Auratog + Rancor, which will then activate the Sigil of the Empty Throne to create 4/4 flying angels. To help cycle through the deck Season of Growth is used to trigger of the enchantments but to also scry 1 when the angels etb.

This deck is very budget and any recommendations would be appreciated.

UPDATE: The deck has been altered to now use a tutor in the form of Heliod's Pilgrim to tutor for combo pieces, ramp, removal or Unflinching Courage for beatdown while also having the ability to be a blocker and target for the auras. Setessan Champion has also been added to improve card draw as well having synergy with Auratog + Rancor in the form of +1/+1 counters.


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