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If Do Right, No Can Defense

The Purpose

This deck is inspired by the Cipher keyword and other similar effects. Essentially effects that do something upon damaging an opponent. It features many, potentially all, unblockable creatures through which these effects that trigger upon damaging an opponent are almost a guarantee. The deck operates at a medium speed, but does feature some minor control to mitigate this.

It’s currently known downfalls would be that it doesn’t perform well against decks that create an overwhelming amount of creatures very quickly, or very strong creatures very quickly. As you can imagine, you need these squishy unblockables to stay alive and constantly attack for any of this to work, so you can't do a lot of blocking. However, this will perform well with most casual and defensively leaning decks.

I’ve really enjoyed the Cipher keyword that Dimir got in RtR, and from that enjoyment, this deck was born. This deck has gone through several iterations, but I always felt it was held back by the fact that I was making a lore based deck. So this is a sort of secondary version of the deck that is unrestrained by Dimir’s lore. So I’m very open to a wide array of suggestions, however keep in mind that I would like to keep the spirit and flavor of the deck intact.

Card Breakdown

Aqueous Form

  • There are a couple of creatures in here that, while very helpful, do not actually possess the ability to be unblockable. This card is in here just incase you want that little push and want someone to join in on the attack without risk.
  • Scry is kinda nice, too.

Curious Obsession

  • Pretty decent draw since you can reliably do combat damage.
  • Also gives the unblockables a bit of a damage boost. They will all still be pretty squishy, though.

Hands of Binding

  • This deck isn’t super lightning fast. This will help stall your opponents a little bit while you get yourself settled in.

Hidden Strings

  • Useful for controlling the board.
  • You can also use it to untap your lands and provide a pseudo-mana ramp.

Inkfathom Witch

  • She’s essentially a pseudo-wincon, giving all unblocked creatures a significant damage boost.
  • She herself has fear, which makes her pretty close to being unblockable.

Invisible Stalker

  • The main target for the Cipher abilities. His Hexproof will make him difficult to get rid of.

Mana Leak

  • A counter. Pretty self-explanatory.

Oona's Blackguard

  • She will buff up your creatures a little bit, and teamed up with Stinkdrinker Bandit they can generate quite a lot of damage that your opponents wont be wanting directly in their face.
  • Also has a discard ability that can get pretty nasty when you've got a lot of people attacking, since they will all deal damage.

Ordeal of Erebos

  • This is just a card of pure profit. You get counters which combo well with Oona's Blackguard, if the creature doesn't already have the counters that is, and at the end of it all, you get to make you opponent discard even more!!

Slither Blade

  • Just a fast 1 drop unblockable creature to get things started.

Stinkdrinker Bandit

  • This guy will give yet another combat damage boost to unblockables, similarly to Inkfathom Witch.
  • He also can easily come into play for 2 CMC instead of 4 with his Prowl ability.

Fatal Push

  • Kills stuff.

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