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Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Modern Artifact Colorless Tron


Ugin style Dragon-Tron deck Clearly this is a bit different from usual Tron decks, But my Love for Ugin is great and I felt as a fully coloured Colourless Spirit Dragon that the 5 Kamigawa dragons fill perfectly for flavor, and they do not suck... However Ugin, the Ineffable has changed how I can play the deck. Now it is a bit more Colourless but still missing some elements (Filling out Wurmcoil Engine). Comments are welcome! What do I sidebored using tron?! How can I slow down fast players on a budget without screwing myself over? Believe it or not price is key and it has taken me many years to accumulate this deck, so in summery this is my Dedication to the Twin of Nicol, Ugin.

To see Nicol’s side check out The Eternal Serpent Note: all the Urza lands are different arts. :D


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