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The-"U/B-Justice-Control" deck for the Pauper format. Derived from the UB-"Caligula" Build from deluxeicoff.

Imo the grindiest of the control decks in classic pauper!

The strategy of the deck is to control the game with lots of edict effects and board-wipes, countering stuff, filtering and drawing cards and closing the game out in a grindy fashion with a Curse of the bloody tome to mill our opponent out or buyback Justices and combine them with pristine talismans to kill the opponent with damage.

The sideboard guides refer to different kind of archetype-strategys and trying to fit in a lot of rouge deck strategys, making it more understandable and versatile.



On of the toughest match-ups. We gotta hit the talismans consistently. Game 1 is very hard to win. After board we have access to different kind of hate, gaining advantage and gladly adding another win-con to the equation.

In:+ 3 hydroblast+ 2 dispel+ 1 crypt incursion+ 2 syphon life+ 1 negate+ 1 duress

Out:- 2 evincars justice- 2 exclude- 3 diabolic edict- 2 chainers edict- 1 innocent blood

Stompy-Type-Decks:(also Infect)

Preboard already a pretty good matchup. The edict effects make it hard for the opponent to push through enough damage. After board the game is winable with talismans and justice.

In:+ 1 crypt incursion (not against infect)+ 2 snuff out

Out:- 1 curse of the bloody tome- 1 counterspell- 1 deep analysis


Justice wrecks this deck pre board. So this is the key for game one to win. After board they usually have spidersilk armor, so the justice loses value, even though its often enough because the elves will only have 2 thoughness...

In:+ 1 evnicars justice+ 1 crypt incursion

Out:- 2 innocent blood


This matchup is pretty equal. They can catch us with Atog and Fling or they flood the board to quickly. Sideboard protects us better against the combo.

In:+ 2 hydroblast+ 2 snuff out+ 1 crypt incursion

Out:- 3 evincars justice- 2 prohibit


The decks that want to flood the board with tokens and small value creatures can easily blank our edict effects and make them much worse. Game 1 its key to find the justice. After board the strategy stays the same: win with justice.

In:+ 1 evincars justice+ 1 duress (against token decks)+ 1 negate (against token decks)+ 1 dispel (decks with instant hymn-effects)

Out:- 3 diabolic edict- 1 innocent blood


Very skill intense match-up. Timing is very important here. Spellstutter sprite alone can easily tempo us out. Once the game is a bit stalled with edicts and justice, we can gain advantage through card draw and value. The board prepares us mostly for the long game against these typ of decks.

In:+ 2 dispel+ 1 negate+ 1 evincars justice+ 2 snuff out

Out:- 2 innocent blood- 2 pristine talisman- 2 exclude


The pre-board situation is pretty well positioned for us with the card draw and filtering, even though after board, MBC boards out a lot of its removal for hand disruption and other disruptive elements witch makes it sometimes very hard for us to gain controll of the game. The board helps us to stabilize our game plan.

In:+ 1 duress+ 1 evincars justice+ 1 crypt incursion

Out:- 3 pristine talisman


These decks can with big creatures or one big damage spell. So the game plan stays pretty much the same... Edicting away their ulamog crusher and countering the damage spell. After board the match will be pretty grindy i presume...

In:+ 1 curse of the bloody tome+ 1 duress(+ 1 relic of progenitus for any graveyard shennanigans)+ 1 negate

Out:- 3 evincars justice- 1 innocent blood


On of the harder match-ups. As we are a more draw-go/sorcery type of controll deck, they can combo us out on a solid base. Preboard tends to be a skill intense match, where the correct counter of key cards make the difference over winning and losing. After board we have access to snuff outs, which are a great instant-speed-addition to the deck.

In:+ 2 snuff out+ 1 dispel+ 1 duress

Out:- 1 evincars justice- 3 pristine talisman


This deck can be a hard opponent, combining burn and a lot of creatures. Game 1 its important to keep their creature count low or counter a bushwaker. Talsimans are very good preboard. After boarding hydroblasts helps us stabilze our early game and crypt incursion can gain us enough life to run away with the game!

In:+ 3 hydroblast+ 1 crypt incursion+ 1 syphon life

Out:- 1 curse of the blood tome- 2 exclude- 1 deep analysis- 1 evincars justice


One of the best match ups we have. Our edict effect are devastating for this low thread-densitiy deck. Game 1 its very hard for our opponent to combo out. After board we also have access to hydroblast witch kills their cyclopses and fiends.

In:+ 2 hydroblast+ 2 snuff out

Out:- 2 exclude- 2 pristine talisman


The "kind-of-mirror" is a pure grind fest. Game 1 revolves around making the correct move and countering the correct cards. Landing the Curse of the bloody tome early usually wins the game. After boarding we prepare for another even longer game. Again, landing an early curse leeds to victory.

In:+ 1 Curse of the bloody tome+ 1 duress+ 2 dispel+ 1 negate+ 1 relic of progenitus+ 2 syphon life

Out:- 4 diabolic edict- 2 exclude- 1 pristine talisman- 1 evincars justice


Usually we can compete with any kind of green based creature deck but this one can just value us out. With their recursion and value cards, our resources can drain out quite fast. Countering a tortured existence is very helpful. Also finding the right spot to land the curse is key to win game 1. After board, our Relic has to do some serious work. The crypt incursion has potential to win the game by its own if the graveyard is stacked.

In:1x relic of progenitus1x curse of the bloody tome1x crypt incursion1x duress

Out:3x diabolic edict1x innocent blood


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