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I still very much think Tempered Steel decks can still be alive come rotation. Yes, the deck did not get another zero drop to replace soon to be departed Ornithopter. However, it did gain some red and white is still the main color.

Well, first off The New Temp has two main colors White and Red. White everyone knows is for the main card Tempered Steel . We also, get Dispatch. These are the two main cards that The New Temp needs out of white. But, wait Porcelain Legionnaire is white. Yes, but he is not a main feature in the deck even though it contains 3x of him. Now Red. After rotation it is need to add another color to the deck as loses to the deck hurt and how adding a bit of red helps the problem. The main red card is Galvanic Blast. Metal craft is so easy for this deck to acquire that it will almost every time do 4 damage instead of 2. Now this is a card that I thought would be good to add to Red (since red is only 6 cards) is Curse of Stalked Prey. This could make one hell of a Signal Pest and pump other creatures that get through as well.

Now for the changes.


Ornithopter, Steel Overseer


Galvanic Blast, Curse of Stalked Prey, Mikaeus, the Lunarch, Clifftop Retreat


Mikaeus, the Lunarch does Steel Overseer

After multiple play testing Mikaeus has turned out to be way too slow and Etched Champion is a beast once you have metal craft on the field, which the deck does still get very quickly after a few mods.

A change in the deck is going from 18 land to 20 land, as 18 at times was just not cutting it and being mana screwed sucks. I changed a mountain and a plains into another Clifftop Retreat and Inkmoth Nexus. Also, note was the addition of Contested War Zone just for a little extra kick, however if you want you can always just change it to plains or mountain pending on which you find is better.

I've decided to go a bit into depth on the on sideboard of this deck and a couple of match-ups that would sided into the deck.

Having one extra Dispatch and Galvanic Blast was put into the deck for when a random person comes along game 1 and has a stupid deck full of giant creatures and that is like the only cards they play. I know its not a great reason but being able to get an extra removal card and just destroy titans is great in my opinion. Galvanic Blast and also come in with delver and beat him down all day.

Mental Misstep was only added to the board to deal with delver decks as most of that deck type mainly consists of one drop cards and being able to not have to return a creature or prevent a delver is too great not to have.

Shrine of Loyal Legions is a card i added to help during Token decks as they may end up with more creatures than us, here Timely Reinforcements and Whipflare also help as all tokens are 1/1 pending how quick Gavony goes off. Timely although it falls to Whipflare may still give off 6 life which at times does come in handy and the ability to block is aways nice.

Spellskite is mainly for any type of Kessig deck, this way the opponent won't be able to just pump and swing.

Now, with the ability of Spellskite and Mental Misstep why not play a couple of Glacial Fortress in the sideboard?? Well, if you want to ahead I encourage you do so if you find that the life loss is a bit too much.

Anyways, best of luck and hope you enjoy the deck. Comments always welcome and don't forget to +1 if you the build. Thanks


Updates Add

Well I have decided to update the deck a little. Not much changed, but the changes have improved the deck and boros temp is very strong. Have been on a roll in testing and it is doing very well vs naya, delver, and random decks. Any ideas and thoughs are always nice don't forget to +1 if you like the deck.

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