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Spellslinger Flinger

Standard Aggro U/R (Izzet)


A deck I created for this Standard rotation. Could use some suggestions. Upvote if you like it. Thanks. The goal for this deck is to cast as many instant and sorcery spells in early game. Use the counterspells to protect your Enigma Drake. Then at the end of the game, cast Cryptic Serpent and Enigma Drake. You could win by Flinging your Enigma Drake, burning your opponents, or swinging with serpents and drakes.

Enigma Drake: great card that grows over time. Flying creatures are usually hard to block and even if your opponents have a flyer, we can use our burn spells to get rid of it. Fling works great with this card to win the game.

Cryptic Serpent: can be brought out early in the game (best before turn 5) as a huge creature.

Fight with Fire: a great removal spell that can get rid of most creatures in the format. It's also a great late game card or top-deck that can usually finish your opponents.

Fling: one of my favorite cards in the format. You can swing with your creatures and then fling them to deal double the damage. Also a great card to keep in your hand if your opponent has many removal spells because you will still be able to get the damage onto them.

Glorybringer: A flyer, haste, built in removal, a 4/4, a great card...

Insult: double the damage? Thats insane! Imagine swinging with a 5/4 enigma drake, dealing 10 damage. Then you fling it dealing 10 more damage. KO! Also a great card in your graveyard, adding 2 more instant and sorcery cards for Enigma Drake.

Riddleform: basically a 3/3 flyer for 2 mana. The scrying will help in the late game.

Saheeli Rai: scrying and dealing damage is important in aggro. Creating a copy of a creature like Enigma Drake or Cryptic Serpent will be awesome for the swing and fling combo. Ignore her ultimate.

Soul-Scar Mage: best turn 1 creature in the deck. Prowess is what makes it deadly, when you burn your opponent's creatures, you will also grow your mage. The -1/-1 counters also works great against Gods in this format, espeacially Hazoret the Fervent.

Unsummon: great temporary removal. Helps you against cards like The Scarab God and Rekindling Phoenix.


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