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Vintage Aggro Combo Lifegain RBW (Mardu) W/B (Orzhov)



This deck was made for my new found love of Necropotence


BRIEF HISTORY:Necropotence was such a dominant card back in the day, with every black deck running 3-4 because of its sheer power to draw a ton of cards.

sometime after the so called "Black summer" Necropotence was banned, and later on restricted. now I felt like making a deck which utilizes it awsomely..

Paying life didnt seem like the easiest thing anymore since the powercreep of mtg so I decided to add in some lifegain into the deck in the form of "soul sisters"

My midgame improved a ton, having a steady source of life let me draw 3-5 cards every turn. But I still wasnt taking too much advantage of Necropotence so I decided I needed more life.

Say hello to Martyr-proc

an early Martyr of Sands gratns me such an amount of life early game and with Serra Ascendant I can easily stabalize (a 6/6 flying lifelink is nothing to laugh at)

Cards to support both soul sisters and martyr were added in like
which gave me even better plays!

To support both martyr of the sands AND both sisters I added in ways to get creatures to my hand in forms of these 2.

So I only have 2 elim cards mainboard?

Tidehollow Sculler is such a nice card, I see you're hand and I take something out (temporarily)

Other than Serra Ascendant i have another beater which is also such a great blocker, hello Ajani's Pridemate

once put down, it grows to something like a 5/5 pretty quick with any of the sisters around so yeah.

Now with such high amounts of life I can easily draw a ton of cards with Necropotence. Now the qustion is, what now?

the answer is simple.... keep the best cards you draw, or crack a Martyr of Sands for some huge lifegain or swipe the field with my new favorite card:

Yes, isnt it beautiful? it can kill and sweep everything I want.

oh and a whole lot of fetch lands for the right mana haha.

So quick runthough of the deck. play martyr and crack on turn 2 or keep it land a necro, draw crack gainlife and firestorm..all before discard phase

NOTE: the reason i only have 1 mox is because i actually have 1 (although its insanely uber damaged)

Any +1's comments or suggestions would be really appreciated

and thank you rckclimber777 for the challenge which got my deck featured =)


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yay got into the top decks on tappedout, thanks for the +1's


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