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hello there this is my current standard deck. i am currently trying to make this post rotation. tell me what you think. what i have so far for post rotation is sigarda's army post rotation


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I won a box yesterday at harrisons comics and collectibles. i changed my deck up to be more consistent the naya version was more explosive but lost hard to board wipes this one does better i think

1st tournament

vs mono green infect win 2-0

game1: i kept a quick hand and he misplayed by giving his creature pro green before pumping

game 2: i sided in enough removal to keep his board clear.

the ironic thing about this match is that i only went to this tournament because he didn't know the train schedule.

vs black market win 2-0 this is a deck i was thinking of when i made this build. also i helped him with his build before the tournament.

game 1 he mulled down to 5 with me getting a t3 sigarda and t4 silverheart

game 2 i beat him down before he could stabilize

vs b/r zombies draw 1-1-1 we called a draw because it was beneficial for us both. (we did playtesting after and i won 2-1)

so far i have a half box

tournament 2

vs grixis lich? win 2-1

game 1 i beat him very clearly he had kept a slow hand against 3 geist

game 2 i drew 22 lands i dont know how that happened

game 3 he was mana screwed

vs u/b control win 2-0

game 1 sigarda beat him

game 2 garruk landed and he couldnt deal with it.

vs b/r zombies draw 1-1-1 it was the same person so we decided that we would split again

at this point i have a box and decided that i like the deck much better like this over the naya version

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