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What cards should I look at replacing from this deck and / or what cards do you think should be in this deck? I focus mostly on utilizing Nicol Bolas and Land destruction / creature destruction to get Master of Cruelties unblocked. And then strike with another creature for 1. Any improvements you guys would make on this / cards I need to get for this deck?



nups says... #1

Hey, since you are playing red, i would add Lightning Bolt or even Incinerate or another random burn spell. If your Master is able to hit you can just finish it with one of these and you dont have to wait for the next turn to attack. Also they add up to your creature removal spells which is nice to make the master hit.

And have you ever thought about Artful Dodge or Distortion Strike ? They should explain themselves ;)

Good luck :)

June 25, 2013 9:08 a.m.

jonesjd1 says... #2

I hadn't thought about Artful Dodge at all. I don't know why. If I add lightning bolts and / or artful dodge, which cards should I remove?

June 25, 2013 9:23 a.m.

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