The idea for the deck came from a combination of a post for a UG Crush list and my desire to play with Bounty of the Luxa. The basic idea of the deck is ramp with mana dorks into Bounty of the Luxa on turn 3, then cast Part the Waterveil turn 5 and fog when all else fails. Managing your Bounty of the Luxa is they key to this deck, planning your plays turns in advance. But there's also ton of other cool things you can do with the deck. The deck is by no means stranded without Bounty, there's plenty of other ramp and card advantage to be had and there's plenty of alt wincons if the Part the Waterveil isn't doing it.

Part the Waterveil - Basically just try and cast it on a Cascading Cataracts, enough said.

Baral's Expertise - Great card, bounce effect that can cast our best card. Similar versions of this deck ran Crush of Tentacles but it doesn't play nice with Bounty.

Walking Ballista - Alt wincon plus removal.

Nissa's Renewal - It's better than I thought it would be. Seven life can be pretty close to a fog and it ramps you three basics which is huge in this deck.

Pull from Tomorrow - Playing this on your opponents turn for a full refill with fog back up feels real good.

Champion of Wits - The new guy in town. So good in a deck like this. Awesome for turning useless mana dorks, ramp, and lands into gas. Against control this guy will be a house at all stages of the game.

Crush of Tentacles - As stated above, not great with Bounty, but played on the ramp turn of Bounty there's at least a chance you can just recast it. Some times you just need everything off the board. There will be one in the board too.

Sandwurm Convergence - As if I could even make a ramp deck without playing this card. The almighty Fun-of.


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Decided to pick this deck up again. Went down the Nissas, she was usually just a three mana scry 2, fog a creature or two. Though, I could see adding her back as a one of somewhere for her ability to send land at you opponents face to close out the game. Added two more fogs main as well as Champion of Wits. I think Champion of Wits is going to be great in this deck. It's a chump blocker, card filter, and much needed card advantage in the long game as well as a solid body. I also took out Attune with Aether, it's not like I need the mana fixing or the energy, it basically just gave me something to do turn one. I haven't played this deck since Marvel was running around so it should be fun.


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