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messin around with some ideas..here...any suggestions on how to make it better will be much appreciated


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took out a few spirit mantles and the travel preperations and put in 1 more each of increasing devotion and increasing savagery and 4 intangible virtues also took out 2 llanowar elves and put in 2 avacyn's pilgrims. the deck seems to run excellent so far...went 3-2 at FNM but i think an error or 2 cost me the other games....gonna tray again next week and see how it rolls and again any suggestions are welcome.

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This deck is not Modern legal.

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Illegal cards Angelic Destiny , Gideon's Avenger , Honor of the Pure , Llanowar Elves , Overrun , Primeval Titan , Spirit Mantle , Sun Titan
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