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G/B Zombies




Hello, I am looking to make a competitive post cycle G/B deck that can win with hard to remove little guys that beat the opponent to death while I have a hand full of efficient removal spells, card draw and some planeswalkers. I would like this deck to be adaptive and be able to control the board or fill the board depending on the match up. I have been testing this deck and am having problems with Fiendslayer Paladin and would like any ideas on how to best deal with him, all I can think of is Devour Flesh.

Please let me know what you think should be changed. This is just a draft but I like the play style and want it to be more competitive.


Ideas for improvement and synergy:

Necropolis Regent + Lifebane Zombie + hard to block dudes, trample flying etc

Desecration Demon + Deathrite Shaman + Scavenging Ooze gain life off there saced dudes



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