Super-cute mob (Scute Mob) Noble with Turntimber Basilisk and Prey's Vengeance Uncommons

All about playing mind games with your opponent. Declare attacks you can't win, play spells for seemingly no reason, let some creatures die. Save all the tricks up your sleeve for attacks your opponent let go unblocked!

Each creature represents different threats to your opponent. Scuzzback Scrapper has wither, Plated Geopede first strike, Ashmouth Hound first-er strike, Turntimber Basilisk deathtouch, Slippery Bogle hexproof, Sylvan Ranger seemingly innocent, Walking Atlas artifact creature, and the king: Scute Mob a huge counter engine each turn. Bioshift can move those counters to other creatures mid-fights! Forced Adaptation makes wanna-be Scute Mobs of your other creatures. Seedling Charm to bounce it around.

You big bag of tricks lies in the instants. Almost everything has multiple functions.

Groundswell a buff card right? You cast it without land. You declare an attack you can't win. A.) Your opponent blocks it - You activate Walking Atlas and drop a land for an additional +2/+2 B.) It goes unblocked and gets a hit in

Ranger's Guile Dat hexproof. Vines of Vastwood Dat Ranger's Guile with a Giant Growth taped on. Brute Force Dat red Giant Growth

While I'm on red Puncture Blast . A bit expensive but it's a Lightning Bolt and a better Dead Weight all in one! Also if it needs to be deactivated for some strange reason, Bioshift can do the trick]]

Viridescent Wisps That's a silly spell, it just makes you draw a card. But whoa! Hey! I just Seedling Charm ed a Plated Geopede from dying

You want artifact removal? You want trample? We got you covered. Fury Charm and Predator's Strike

Caravan Vigil and Evolution Charm are for ramp and fun tricks. Trigger a morbid effect, bring it back to life!




+1! This just works on so many levels!

October 7, 2014 4:58 a.m.

You know, one thing to consider would be Paradox Haze . Yeah, it would eat into your uncommon slots, but it would double up your scute counters and those generated by Forced Adaptation.

October 13, 2014 12:15 a.m.

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Illegal cards Brute Force , Plated Geopede , Ranger's Guile , Bioshift , Prey's Vengeance , Sylvan Ranger , Evolution Charm , Fury Charm , Turntimber Basilisk , Walking Atlas , Predator's Strike , Slippery Bogle , Scuzzback Scrapper , Ashmouth Hound , Viridescent Wisps , Groundswell , Scute Mob , Gruul Turf , Vines of Vastwood , Caravan Vigil , Forced Adaptation , Puncture Blast , Seedling Charm
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