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-2 Jace the Mind Sculptor -1 Engineered Explosives +2 Thief of Sanity +1 Vraska, Golgari Queen

Took out the Jaces for a couple of Thief of Sanity's because I felt the deck needed more threats and also wasn't a fan of the UU in the casting cost. Thief gives us a threat in the air and provides card advantage. If left unanswered Thief certainly runs away with the game on its own, and if it eats a bolt or path thats one less removal spell to help Tracker/Goyf get through.

Took out EE since I found I was killing my Bitterblossoms or my own tokens too many times. Instead I've been testing Vraska Golgari Queen and she's been over performing in my testing, her +2 works really well with bitterblossom and also has a neat synergy with clues, sacking a clue still gives tracker the counter and you still draw a card from Vraskas ability itself. Vraska's -3 is just more Abrupt Decays and the "I win" ultimate is just gravy.



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