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This is what you expect a Mono-Green deck to be. It ramps with Elvish Mystic, Gyre Sage, and Nykthos to bring out large creatures quickly - usually a Primalcrux that will kill you in two swings.

Garruk, Caller of Beasts and Primal Hunter along with Lifecrafter's Bestiary will make sure you never run out of creatures to overwhelm your opponents. And Surrak and Mosswort Bridge allows you to potentially swing with a brand new threat out of nowhere.

Nylea and her Bow make even the smallest of your creatures a massive threat and ensures your Silvos and Cloudthresher will kill a player quickly if not answered quickly.

Noble Quarry and Shinen of Life's Roar allow the deck to kill someone who thought they've been mustered enough defenses.

I really like this deck, but I think it might need another instant or two - maybe even another Mosswort Bridge so that it's not playing just to the board. Also, I'm starting to not want decks to have lots of singles so that they can play a little more consistently, and this deck is one of the most guilty of it.

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