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Modern Elves GU (Simic) Infinite Combo Mill Ramp


I have a friend that built this deck and played for a FNM. I borrowed the idea and added a few extra cards in there. Keeping it Post Rotation the best we can. Whole point of this deck WAS to get infinite drake tokens out!

SO! The strategy around this deck has changed! But main 3 cards it was built around is there!

Main build of this deck is around 3 cards...

-------->Archaeomancer, Ghostly Flicker & Omniscience.

When Omniscience drops the hope is to have at least 1 Archaeomancer and aElvish Visionary on the field (or in hand) as well as a Ghostly Flicker in hand (or in your graveyard).

Play Omniscience, then cast Ghostly Flicker on Archaeomancer gaining back the just used Ghostly Flicker and one Elvish Visionary draw 1 card! Then rinse and repeat! Until you get a Thragtusk pulled then flicker the Archaeomancer and Thragtusk for awhile, stacking beast tokens and gaining life! If I have Talrand, Sky Summoner on the main board at the time (instead of Thragtusk) when he enters then each spell you cast after, you're just stacking Drake Tokens from ablity!

Most people don't see the Archaeomancer as a threat... they will look at the Elderscale Wurm , Craterhoof Behemoth or Primordial Hydra frist before even thinking about wasting a Murder on Archaeomancer.

And one Acidic Slime for that delicious land destruction! If I choose not to mill myself out I can swing for big without any worry from opponents spells! :D

Any other suggestion on what to take out? Maybe even other cards that would work better that the ones I have in here.


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Thank you to everyone that has help me with this beast! It wouldn't be what it is today without you all!

Since Return to Ravnica has dropped and all these new cards are here. I just had to add a couple to this particular deck.

Chromatic Lantern to the main board & Cyclonic Rift to the side! (it'll probably get worked into the main soon enough tho)

I have made this one a little over 60 cards but I feel that it still works well!

Let me know what you all think!


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