Roaring Primadox

Roaring Primadox

Creature — Beast

At the beginning of your upkeep, return a creature you control to its owner's hand.
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Roaring Primadox Discussion

Chocowolf on First Golgari deck

2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions TheGnat A friend suggested to put Roaring Primadox in and haven't had the chance to play test with it in there to see how it goes. I am iffy on that card since it isn't "you may" so I think I may take your suggestion and put something else in there instead not unless I made it more of the focal point of the deck.

as you can see with this deck I'm trying to have a few strategies instead of relying on one so depending on my card drops I'll have a few options available to work with. I am planning on picking up two more Rancor for sure and I do have 2 more Ambush Viper I can slot in.

TheGnat on First Golgari deck

2 years ago

I think the first thing I'll say after welcome to magic, is to focus down the deck. Right now you have a lot of options, but depending on how you hit them, you aren't going to be as successful in the deck or as consistent. I would look at increasing the number of Vampire Nighthawk to 4, Rancor and Ambush Viper as well. I'd drop the Acidic Slime and card:Akroma's Memorial, both are fun cards, but aren't going to allow you to play as quickly. Something like Roaring Primadox doesn't make a ton of sense either, it gives you an almost flicker ability with Acidic Slime or Elvish Visionary , but I tend to think that it just slows down your deck, and having a single one of them means it isn't the focal point of your deck.

Syl on

2 years ago

Did you condider adding Roaring Primadox and Acidic Slime ?

There's also Stampeding Serow but it bounces only green creatures.

Craterhoof Behemoth could also help with the little creatures.

card:Mirari's Wake is also nice, and Luminarch Ascension would fit the theme.

law77 on None

2 years ago

I'd take out 2x card:Druid's Familiar, 2x Roaring Primadox , 1x Wolfir Silverheart , 3x Revive and 1x Deadbridge Goliath for 3x Borderland Ranger , 2x Garruk, Primal Hunter , 3x Farseek and 1x Rancor ... just my suggestions though.. the reasons why I chose these cards are pretty obvious..

DePeluche on

2 years ago

This needs Farseek instead card:Avacyn's Pilgrim

More lands, like 22-24

Sigarda, Host of Herons seems out of place in this deck, I would add another Roaring Primadox

Also I would take out White entirely, I know you use Cloudshift for both Slime and Primadox, but you got enough with Peel from Reality + Ghostly Flicker

I would suggest Revive if any of them get destroyed

wreckedd on standard land distruction

2 years ago

Acidic Slime & card:Conjurer's Closet / Roaring Primadox

valiantangel61 on ETB Party

2 years ago

Great suggestion with the card:Conjurer's Closet, raca137. I have to pick some of those up. I'll probably replace the Roaring Primadox and an Arbor Elf . Thanks!

As for the overboard on mana, control decks tend to be annoying and target my mana by killing Arbor Elf and card:Avacyn's Pilgrim and/or countering Farseek . They'll either draw out the counters or survive to feed Craterhoof Behemoth . I've also had quite a few games go something similar to:

Turn 1 (on draw): Forest, Arbor Elf

Turn 2: Forest, card:Avacyn's Pilgrim, Farseek - Temple Garden

Turn 3: Land, Thragtusk

Turn 4: Land, Armada Wurm

Turn 5: Land. EOT Restoration Angel one or two times - Armada Wurm or Thragtusk .... depending on what they have out by then.

Turn 6: Opponent craps his pants :)

I will say, Borderland Ranger s are the first ones out when I sideboard.

jlgadrow on

2 years ago

The Roaring Primadox combos with Gravecrawler and the Lotleth Troll . Return her to my hand, discard her, play her from the battlefield, return her to my hand...

The problem with taking out the troll is that without it, I don't really have another win con, and without a big ramp, Geth, Lord of the Vault is fairly slow.

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