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U/B Reanimator for the upcoming XLN Format

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Credit to Tapped Out user Hyperalgialysis for:

3x Essence Extraction

This deck was built with the idea that Mono Red aggro and Temur Energy are both the best contending decks for the next format. Thus; several testing matches and changes have occurred. I'll try to break down some of the interesting card choices below:

(Note: Deck has been changed to deal with the current meta shift of Scarab God decks (Sultai Energy, Temur (4c) and the Mirror).

Hostage Taker:

Hostage Taker is exceptional in this deck as it gives UB pirates a tool to remove almost any on board creature threat. Ripjaw Raptor, Glorybringer, Rhonas, Hazoret, and sometimes even smaller threats are all great targets to grab and cast the following turn bringing a big tempo swing towards you. Hostage taker is not good on a board where there's no threats. Fathom Fleet captain is brought in to cover this weakness as a mana sink for when you want to hold on to hostage taker and still reliably pressure your opponent. Against mono red this is your best out to hazoret especially on the draw as it allows you to deal with it before you are too pressured to advance. On the play you are probably going to have up Lookout's Dispersal instead.

Scarab God:

Scarab God is a wind condition all on its own; being able to reoccur 4/4 flyers, hostage taker to remove opponent threats, and against mono red this card will keep the pressure way off you as you recur their hasty attackers as 4/4s.

Ruin Raider:

I have a love/hate relationship with this card simply because it will win you a lot of games but also lose you a lot of games. Drawing into this card with low life can be very dangerous if you draw into any high CMC cards. However, if you're on the play and sticking this t3 or you're against a slower deck this card will draw you right up to victory. For now ruin raider is replaced with Champion of wits to dig for cards on ETB and synergizes very well with Liliana and Scarab god

Gifted Aetherborn

This card really fills the spot for a durable 2 drop that just exceeds in every matchup. Gifted Aether born is potentially the best 2-drop in standard with the huge uprise in Scarab God presence; thus fathom fleet is currently cut until the meta shifts.


Updates Add

Over the weekend I was able to meetup with my testing group to go over the decks current weaknesses to the meta:

  1. A very clear weakness to removal on turns 1-4 from tapping out on curve
  2. Lack of Removal
  3. Lack of Lategame outside of Scarab God

Thus, large amounts of removal have been added; Fathom Fleet Captain has been dropped for Gifted Aetherborn as he is much more valuable/durable for the same mana; and since we are no longer likely to be tapping as close to the curve, spell pierce is in to deal with removal. For lategame champion of wits fills the 3-drop curve nicely and 2 Liliana allows for revival as well as grind.


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