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Im Working on a energy tribal deck dont roast mee to hard and I am trying to make this budget because i dont wipe my ass with $100 dollar bills



Dexton220 says... #1

Hey buddy i hope this deck works well for you

October 11, 2017 midnight

Dexton220 says... #2

I would suggest Highspire Infusion

October 11, 2017 12:02 a.m.

Argy says... #3

If you can afford it, here's what I would do for Land:

4x Aether Hub
4x Blooming Marsh
2x Canyon Slough
4x Dragonskull Summit
2x Forest
4x Rootbound Crag
2x Sheltered Thicket
2x Swamp

Here is an ultra budget version:

4x Aether Hub
4x Cinder Barrens
3x Forest
4x Foul Orchard
2x Mountain
4x Timber Gorge
3x Swamp

October 12, 2017 1:06 a.m.

Argy says... #4

I would also take out 1x Fabrication Module, 1x Invigorated Rampage, and 1x Shock, for 3x Servant of the Conduit.

That should help your early curve a bit, give you more , and help with colour fixing.

October 12, 2017 1:11 a.m.

Argy says... #5

Just noticed you are only running 20 Lands.

You would only have that number in an EXTREMELY aggressive deck i.e. One filled with only 1 and 2 drops.

Even Aggro decks run 24, these days. They use utility Lands to get advantage in the late game e.g. Cycle Lands, and Lands like Ramunap Ruins or Ifnir Deadlands.

You will need to adjust your deck to fit another 3 to 4 Lands in.

October 12, 2017 1:16 a.m.

Argy says... #6

At the moment playtesting is not going that well, due to colour screw.

Tag me in this Comments when you've made some changes, and I'll take another look at the deck.

October 12, 2017 1:24 a.m.

Dirtisnice445 says... #7

So Argy I decided to go with the cheaper lands to start and if I enjoy the deck after a few hours of work I can decide if I want the more expensive ones I added the 2 servants and made room for lands

October 12, 2017 8 a.m.

Argy says... #8

I am dumb.

I forgot to tell you that, if you are using Attune with Aether, you can take out four Lands, as they will fetch you Lands.

Also, you need to weight your mana slightly more towards , to make sure you can cast Attune with Aether ASAP.

Here's what I think the Lands should look like, now:

4x Aether Hub
4x Cinder Barrens
2x Forest
4x Foul Orchard
1x Mountain
4x Timber Gorge
1x Swamp

Of course this plan also works best with some Servant of the Conduit in the mix, as that will also stop you from getting colour screwed and/or give you extra

October 12, 2017 8:30 a.m.

Dirtisnice445 says... #9

Sweet as thanks Argy. I now have 57 cards any advice for what I should put on for the last 3?

October 12, 2017 8:47 a.m.

Argy says... #10

I'd probably just shove three more Harnessed Lightning in there. It is such good removal, and you don't have much.

You do need a Sideboard, as well.

Put some Heroic Intervention in there, for a start.

Magma Spray would be useful, too. There are still people playing Scrapheap Scrounger.

October 12, 2017 9:51 a.m.

Argy says... #11

If Heroic Intervention costs too much you can go with Blossoming Defense, or even use both.

October 12, 2017 9:53 a.m.

Argy says... #12

This is playing a LOT better, now.

Servant of the Conduit is helping to Ramp into Verdurous Gearhulk. I would think about removing a Longtusk Cub for a third copy.

Actually, taking a good look at your Creatures, something like this might work:

2x Aetherborn Marauder - good for late game evasion, or to block fliers
2x Bristling Hydra - one of the best Creatures in Standard
2x Longtusk Cub - a bit hit or miss in testing
3x Rishkar, Peema Renegade - extra copy because it synergises so well with Winding Constrictor in the early game
2x Servant of the Conduit - I'd love a third copy, but can't think what I would take out
3x Verdurous Gearhulk - extra copy because it makes Creatures HUGE in the late game
1x Voltaic Brawler - I can see the value of this at all stages of the game
4x Winding Constrictor - lynchpin of the deck

October 13, 2017 12:13 p.m.

Argy says... #13

If you want this to be competitive you will need a Sideboard.

Here are some cards you could use. You will need to choose the ones that suit your local meta.

Abrade - get rid of Vehicles or small Creatures

Appetite for the Unnatural - destroy any Artifact or Enchantment

Blossoming Defense - protect a Creature from a spell, pump it for extra damage

Chandra's Defeat - nerf Ixalan Ramunap Red decks

Crushing Canopy - get rid of a flier or an Enchantment

Doomfall - make the Opponent sac their Carnage Tyrant, or remove an annoying spell from hand

Duress - remove Approach of the Second Sun, or any of the new Enchantments, from hand

Lost Legacy - remove all copies of Approach of the Second Sun from the deck

Magma Spray - Exile any small, recurring Creatures like Scrapheap Scrounger

Never / Return - good against Planeswalkers or large Creatures (Vraska's Contempt is FAR superior, but not budget)

Walk the Plank - good cheap removal (Fatal Push is FAR superior, but may be too expensive for you)

October 13, 2017 12:45 p.m.

Dirtisnice445 says... #14

Thanks Argy I really appreciate your help this deck has improved a lot, I really appreciate you keeping in mind the fact that I have a budget as well. I will do the side board soon and will re tag you once I think it is all done

October 13, 2017 6:13 p.m.

Dirtisnice445 says... #15

Argy All done, I went down to two Longtusk Cub and three Fabrication Module To add another servant and the two others you recommended and I also added a sideboard

October 13, 2017 7:25 p.m.

Argy says... #16

You can have 15 cards in your Sideboard.

I would add two more copies of Never / Return, and one more Duress.

October 13, 2017 8:59 p.m.

Argy says... #17

Yeah this is playing a lot better, now.

Due to the slow land speed it isn't very competitive, but it should do quite well in a casual environment.

October 13, 2017 9:57 p.m.

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