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Allies - As a unit we stand and united we fall!

Modern Aggro Allies Budget Counters RGW (Naya) Tribal



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Please note, this deck is BUDGET so do not recommend me cards like Aether Vial, Cavern of Souls, Windswept Heath, Temple Garden, Collected Company, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, or Path to Exile. I know that these cards would be awesome but they are not budget. I do not consider cards which cost 5$ or more.

Cards explanation


Ally Encampment return ally which would die to your hand and cast it next turn


Hardened Scales +2/+2 counters instead of +1/+1 (synergy with Dromoka's Command,Metallic Mimic, Hada Freeblade, Kazandu Blademaster, Oran-Rief Survivalist and Talus Paladin)


Dromoka's Command protection against burn spell, sacrife an enchantment, +1/+1 counter and destroy a creature? Is here something which this card can not do?


Akoum Battlesinger aggressive creature who boosts other allies

Hada Freeblade the cheapest killer with its +1/+1 trigger

Harabaz Druid tap it and you get 1 mana of any colour to your mana pool for each ally you control

Kabira Evangel protection for your creatures until the end of turn

Kazandu Blademaster this powerful ally is your opponents nightmare with first strike, vigilance and +1/+1 counters

Oran-Rief Survivalist another killer with +1/+1 counters

Reckless Bushwhacker play this card in tandem using surge cost!

Talus Paladin lifelink for your creatures until the end of turn and of course it has +1/+1 counters


Fragmentize cheap enchantment and artifact destroy

Kataki, War's Wage artifact hate

Leyline of Lifeforce protects creatures from being countered

Shapers' Sanctuary please path / burn / destroy my creature

Cards to consider

Return to the Ranks retun your dead allies from graveyard to play - very useful after boardwipe

Ondu Cleric 1hp for each ally? are you crazy?

Scout's Warning cast your creature in opponents turn or just draw a card if you need

Metallic Mimic great synergy with Hardened Scales

Gavony Township +1/+1 counter for every creature

Lead the Stampede decent card draw

Oust cheap removal spell

Banishing Light exile anything - even plainswalker

Oath of Gideon 2 allies for 3 mana?!

Mimic Vat allows you to cast dead creatures every turn which means you can trigger ETB effect even if you have empty hand

Cloudshift allows you to trigger ETB effect or protect your creatures from being destroyed

Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit this ability is awesome together with Hardened Scales

Thalia's Lieutenant has the same effect like allies but unfortunately she is not an ally

Kor Bladewhirl first strike for your ally creatures

Lantern Scout lifelink for your creatures until the end of turn

Captain's Claws bring every turn 1 more ally!

Gift of Immortality your dead ally reurns to the battlefield after it has been killed to fight for you one more time and also triggers allies

Mirror Entity finnisher who can make your 0/1, 1/1 creatures for example 5/5. Do not forget you can use Harabaz Druid to help you with mana which you need for it! By the way your creatures still have +1/+1 counters even if they are boosted with Mirror Entity


Updates Add

Thank you very much for your support, comments and +1!

I updated the deck list, sideboard and description. If you find some mistake or you have a suggestion please write a comment below. I appreciate it and I will respond as soon as possible.

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