Planeswalker (2)

My take on Soul Sisters, focusing somewhat on tokens and Oketra's Monument .

Ajani's Pridemate always gets out of hand fast in a lifegain deck, but with Oketra's Monument in play it does so even faster, being able to dump four Squadron Hawk s on turn 4, getting 4 free tokens and gaining 8 life with just a single Soul Warden in play is bonkers. Jeskai Barricade can do the same, repeatedly getting you a token for every white mana you have available, at instant speed.

Divine Visitation is the real beast, once this is on the table any new tokens you create with the various generators are 4/4, vigilant fliers instead of 1/1. It makes the otherwise costly Increasing Devotion more than playable as a finisher, and even makes the token creation ability of Oketra the True worthwhile.

The deck contains the obligatory 4 x Path to Exile along with some card draw in the form of Dawn of Hope .

The sideboard is the standard mono White stuff, the only thing I feel needs changing is I need to add a non creature win condition. Aetherflux Reservoir seems the obvious choice, but I can't decide what to drop a copy of from my sideboard, trying it in place of Leonin Arbiter for now.

Further possible changes are swapping Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants for Elspeth, Knight-Errant .


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