Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds Common

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Dogpile deals damage to target creature or player equal to the number of attacking creatures you control.

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Dogpile Discussion

ticked-off-squirrel on Krenko's Command

1 week ago

you are on the right path. but there are some problems.

1: you are running a tiny bit too low on lands. run with 35-40 and go from there. I know they are goblins and goblins are cheap but you may run into a hand with little to no land which would be bad.

2: if you are gonna burn you need to do it right. throw in Burn at the Stake, Dogpile, and maybe Insult / Injury. or alternately add in Flamewave Invoker.

3: you have great ways to produce tokens but lets add more ways shall we? Goblin Warrens can help with that. as well as Krenko's Command

4: you need to protect Krenko from the nasty spells that lurk within black and red decks. try Swiftfoot Boots.

5: you should add in a way to gain life/draw cards in this deck. try Sylvok Lifestaff and Skullclamp respectably.

6: and finally. I see that you remove artifacts and/or lands with this deck. add in Survey the Wreckage to wreck a land and get a goblin token at the same time.

ticked-off-squirrel on Krenko The Godfather

1 week ago

hmm. hmm. looking it over this deck is pretty solid. just missing one or two things but they very minor. I would include a Goblin Chariot, Raging Goblin, and an Outpost Siege. and if I had to add one more? a Dogpile. but overall this deck is fairly solid. +1

IvyLeaguerCU on Lovisa's Horde EDH

3 months ago

Do you think Mob Justice, Massive Raid, or Dogpile would fit?

Optimator on Auntie's got your back

8 months ago

Tarfire isn't great, even with Wort bringing it back, but Warren Weirding and Fodder Launch definitely are.

Were you aware that Kiki Jiki and Lightning Crafter go infinite with Skirk Prospector? An Ashnod's Altar works too. Thornbite Staff equipped on Krenko goes infinite with a sacrifice outlet as well. Not sure if that flies with your play group but there it is.

Goblin Sharpshooter with Basilisk Collar, Quietus Spike, Gorgon's Head, or Gorgon Flail wipes the whole board.

I love Arms Dealer but it's underwhelming in EDH.

Massive Raid, Goblin War Strike, Dogpile, and Gempalm Incinerator can be good but I find that if you have enough goblins to do something serious with them then why not just attack? I do find Burn at the Stake and Pack's Disdain useful. If you really need something removed then you can use targeted removal spells or Goblin Bombardment.

If you're going to run Brightstone Ritual than you should run Battle Hymn too. Great for pumping Goblin Offensive and Grenzo!

c0dy821 on Red White Sacrifice Kinda

9 months ago

Alright, alright, we are gonna need to grease our arms for this one. As of right now your deck seems to have an issue with its goal - a conflict of interests. You have plenty of cards that produce tokens, which is fine, but you also are running Massive Raid and Dogpile. Which would be fine, but you are running Collateral Damage which reduces the effectiveness of those cards. So my first word of advice would be to remove Dogpile - Might as well replace it with the ultimately better relative: Lightning Bolt.

Now that we got that conflict on the back burner, let's look at what we got: A token deck that ramps creatures to play cards that care about the creature count. So let's look at where this strategy begins, what cards care about the creature count?

Dogpile: Turn 4 Minimum.Massive Raid: Turn 3 Minimum.Burn at the Stake: Turn 5 Minimum. Sorcery Speed. Three times the damage.

Alright the culprit in this situation is Burn at the Stake while it is arguably better, casting it is quite difficult with the triple red. I think you should increase the Dogpile count, and reduce the Massive Raid count. I'd consider ridding yourself of Burn at the Stake altogether.

Now the creatures and cards that enable this strategy, are frankly terrible. Both Blade of the Sixth Pride and Oreskos Swiftclaw are horrible, and they do nothing to help further the strategy. Replace them with Lingering Souls, Increasing Devotion, Hangarback Walker, Secure the Wastes, and Mentor of the Meek. All of the cards listed are better than the two I have a problem with, however I'd also recommend getting rid of Healer of the Pride or Thraben Doomsayer. Lifegain just further prevents an inevitable death, so including it will just prolong the time it takes you to lose. And Thraben is just slow.

Since you are in white you could run some of white's strongest removal spells: Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares.

As for the land base, if you do decide to run Lingering Souls I recommend you run some kind of black to make use of the flashback.

Podma101 on Gobs of Goblins

10 months ago

More cards that deal damage equal to how many creatures you have could prove to be devastating! Burn at the Stake, Dogpile, Massive Raid, and Mob Justice fit the bill!

Also, cards like Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, and Gauntlet of Might would work great in this too!

Gattison on Boggart Avalanche

11 months ago

yeah ok, I see your point. I'll stop twisting your arm and won't force you to use Goblin War Strike. =P

On another note, I've had many conversations with myself about Burn at the Stake. I recently took it out of my own Krenko-headed, mono-mana symbol r deck that really triple-downs on tokens, lol, but now I think I may try to squeeze it back in. I like the card, but I've actually never drawn it, believe it or not. I personally really like Goblin War Strike, Massive Raid and Mob Justice (which I use instead of Dogpile for my mono-red deck, but you seem to have a slightly different approach than me, so that's cool.

Before I go, since you seem to have some recursion going on, what about Gamble for your deck? might work for you.

Optimator on Boggart Avalanche

11 months ago

Thank you for your input, Gattison, and your vote!

It is one of the swaps for Pack's Disdain, which is in due to my local meta having several regenerators and indestructibles I have to frequently encounter and deal with.

It was in the very first build and still resides in the physical side deck. While token proliferation is the primary theme of the deck, I never found Goblin War Strike or Massive Raid or Dogpile as helpful as having other utility cards. It felt like I would have them long before my numbers were significant or never have them once the board was boggart-flooded. In that sense they're kind of in "win more" territory anyway. Just attacking with the gobbos, ideally with an anthem or four, tends to do the trick much better. Burn at the Stake is a better win-con and won't be leaving the deck soon. Spot-removing threats with targetted direct damage cards like these also isn't super-reliable and there are already several cards that do just that or more and/or better. It just isn't that common for direct player damage to swing a game where attacking wouldn't. Propaganda, Koskun Falls, Ghostly Prison, Dissipation Field, etc... sure, Goblin War Strike will break a stalemate. I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

I feel that the cards shine more (and quite brightly) in a Krenko-headed mono-red deck that really triple-downs on tokens or in a 60-card deck where the damage is more significant.

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