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$2 Rona, The Budgetiest Budget EDH Deck

Commander / EDH Artifact Budget UB (Dimir)


This is a bad idea.

This Commander deck is the ideal Commander deck for the homeless man who lives in your nearest dumpster. At creation, it costed a whopping $1.87, or the price of a bottle of a bottle of Diet Doctor Pepper at my local game shop.


The restrictions for this was simple, every card here costs $0.05 or less. That's right. A nickel per.

Basic lands were excluded from the costs. TappedOut is apparently really bad at providing prices for cards this low, as many will state they are $.20 or so on TCGPlayer, which is not true. Scryfall has a more accurate portrayal of costs and was used as a starting reference for available cards. I purchased 74 cards, 2 being non-basic lands. That means I'll have an 8 card sideboard. Excluding the sideboard of 8 cards, on average, you'd save about $0.20.


Pray that people have mercy on you as you proceed to bridge shuffle your deck without sleeves. Rona offers an alternative means to play your cards, and with her removal, you can use her to bring back some sacrificing artifacts or as a means to play cards from the top of your library. The deck has a few energy generators, as many mana rocks as possible (2, I think? It's a lot, I know), and general artifact and graveyard support.

Your wincon involves hoping someone else board wipes and that you can cheese out a victory in the aftermath. You will never feel bad when you lose because you always have the cop out answer of, "Well, your deck 125 times the price of mine!" Even pauper EDH decks will feel bad beating you, like kicking a lost puppy.

With an ultra-pro satin case, this might have enough weight to use as a doorstop to help keep your screen door open when bringing in groceries, however the satin case will be about 5 times as much as the deck.

Please provide any comments or advise as you'd like!


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