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A monowhite wheenie deck looking to win by flooding the board.

Monowhite Weenie worked in standard, why not pioneer?

A few notes about the deck building:

  • I am choosing Castle Ardenvale over Legion's Landing  because top decking the castle later in the game is fine and it costs nothing to put in. If I put in the legion I would need to add 4 plains and remove one of my other one drops.

  • Brave the Elements may be one of the best cards in pioneer. Use it to win or protect your board from a damage wrath (Anger of the Gods). However it will not prevent non-damage wraths such as Supreme Verdict.

  • Currently considering Thalia, Heretic Cathar over Brimaz. Brimaz is just so cool though and doesn't die to most red removal... Open to suggestions.


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