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Izzet Is or Izzet Ain't? Ikoria

Standard UR (Izzet)


Ultimately I want to get Niv-Mizzet, Parun out, because I just love big fantastic cards like that. When I've played Niv Mizzet in the past, I've made passable decks, but they tended to be too slow and weak in the early game. I think Ikoria has a few things to change that.

Sprite Dragon is a two drop must answer threat, imo. If you don't. I'm gonna pump those little fellas up quick.

Rielle, the Everwise interacts beautifully with The Royal Scions. The Scions have always been a legitimate threat to pop off, but haven't been a huge threat in the beginning, especially in a non creature-heavy deck. I think that changes now. These two cards are gonna get somebody killed.

Sea-Dasher Octopus This is just a great card that I think well merge with the faerie dragon to make a faerie-octopus-dragon that I am going to love.

Channeled Force seem like it can be a useful game-ender if Niv-Mizzett and Rielle, the Everwise are on the board.


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