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I refuse to believe that Kenrith, the Returned King and Linden, the Steadfast Queen are dead this --> The Kenriths' Royal Funeral is all lies. How could WOTC do that to my favorite commander, just like they did to my favorite planeswalker Gideon Jura. So I made this deck where they live for ever because they can't die because they are immortal

Well after seeing this card for the first time with the March of the Machines spoilers I decided to make a deck were our goal is to make sure that Kenrith, the Returned King, and Linden, the Steadfast Queen lives Happily Ever After. Now this is going to be a very difficult goal to achive we need to have all 5 colors, 6 different card types, and life total that is greater than or equal to our starting life total. Welp let's see how we can do that.

This one is fairly simple actually all we need is either 5 permanents that are 1 of the colors, or 1 permanent that is all colors, well obviously having 1 that is all colors is what we will go for, and so we have a couple of ways to accomplish this

#1 Genju of the Realm and then Jodah, the Unifier of course two very good 5 color cards. #2 The back up is Dakkon, Shadow Slayer, and Wrenn and Six, that equals 5 colors, but that's about it. There is nothing in terms of protection really, I don't want to do a commander deck, and 60 cards is not enough, so we just got to get lucky

We have the 6 card types we need, what we have is and artifact Eternity Vessel which will come in handy later, sorcery Chaplain's Blessing and many others, creature Bloom Tender, enchantment Happily Ever After, instant Rest for the Weary, and planeswalker Wrenn and Six

They are cheap but also effective for a reason, so we can get them into the battlefield, or into the graveyard as soon as possible.

Now this one seemed hard, I really had to think about this, because I could have done something like Platinum Emperion yeah but that is kind of hard to do, without changing some cards, plus I'm pretty sure I can't heal sooo....

We are going to use Eternity Vessel because number one it saves our previous life, so unless the destroy it we can always change our health back to 15, 12, or even 20 health if we get lucky so then whenever we play a land we change our health back to what it was previously, which most likely than not will be higher than our current health. Also Eternity Vessel is a artifact, so that takes care of the 6 card types.

Now when we change our life total back with Eternity Vessel we will probably have less than 20 health, so we can use some life gain to help us, we have Chaplain's Blessing, and Rest for the Weary which we can use after using Eternity Vessel ability because a land entered the battlefield and gain 8 life.

Wow that was a lot of writing and explaining, this is going to need a lot of testing, I want this to be useable it probably won't be competitive in any sense, but as long as it works sometimes I will be happy, it will be a funny jank win deck

Of course at the end of every deck, I want your guys help, I always love to see the suggestions you guys have, so please let me know if you have any!


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