Deck inspired by Travis Woo's Honored Twin brew and updated after Splinter Twin banning*

The concept of having access to multiple routes to victory is taken to the extreme: the addition of honored Hierarch and Madcap Experiment makes up for the overall clunkyness of the Kiki-Jiki combo and strengthens both the beatdown and the combo plan. I have been testing this list online a lot and the only thing I'm not sure about is the manabase which is currently weak against blood moon. If you liked Splinter Twin decks in the past I would really suggest you to give this deck a try.

Bad Matchups: Storm,GW Auras,Dredge,KCI

50-50: Tron,Jund,Hollow One,Burn,GDS,Mardu Pyro,Black-based Midrange decks,UWR Control,Valakut Titan,RG Ponza,Others

Favorable Matchups: GW- based Midrange decks,Affinity,UW Control,Living End,Other Fringe decks


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