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They'll Never See It Coming [[$50 Budget]]

Modern Aggro Budget Counterspell Exile Midrange Tokens WB (Orzhov)



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Nobody will see it coming. Nobody. This deck uses tokens and small creatures to close out the game while controlling your opponents threats with cards like Path to Exile , Doom Blade , Duress , Dash Hopes , and Mana Tithe . Dash Hopes can be helpful even if it doesn't counter the spell because they still lose a decent amount of life.

P.S. - Imp's Mischief was originally going to be in the deck instead of Dash Hopes , but I replaced it due to wanting to keep the deck budget. If you have them, or if you're building on MTGO, you should add them in, although you can remove some other cards and keep a few Dash Hopes . While not an actual counterspell, it can cause some funny interactions and can still protect your cards.

Suggestions are welcome and appreciated!


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