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Welcome to, Killian's "Collection of Auras and Library of Vexing Enchantment Spells" or CALVES for short.

Question: Why Auras?

Answer: Our CMDR's static ability allows us to reduce the cost of any spell targeting a creature to be reduced by 2 colourless mana. Building around that I focused on Auras with a CMC of 3 or less, 1 colour pip and 2 or fewer colourless. There area a few Auras that have 2 colour pips though.

Our CMDR also has lifelink making, Aetherflux Reservoir an easy choice for an alternate wincon.

Silent Arbiter makes our CMDR unblock able as he has Menace, requiring our opponents to have to block with a minimum of two creatures which they won't be able to do because of Silent Arbiter.

The deck is still a WiP so ideas/suggestions are appreciated and of course if you like the deck or think it has potential an Upvote is much appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my take on Killian, Ink Duelist as a Voltron CMDR.


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